Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Blog Stuff: The Actual View From The Porch

Look! Whitecaps on the lake! The wind is gusting from the west at up to 30mph, blowing the patio furniture around.

We had quite a front roll through last night. Tuesday's high was 81 degrees and right now the temp is 61 and falling. It's supposed to get down to 36 tonight and 28 on Saturday night. The barometer must be spinning like a stopwatch. Ow, my gimpy leg hurts.

I hope this doesn't kill all the pretty hygrangeums. Taking the backroads home from work the last few nights with the top down has been like driving through a darkened florist's shop with the A/C on the fritz.


Desertrat said...

Terlingua had a morning low of 60. Chilly. But, it warmed up nicely. Just at 100 at 3PM. I even turned on the swamp cooler, but then the house got too cold. As usual, though, the evening was quite pleasant. Just right for a Sundowner on the porch, watching the lightshow.

Life Is Good.


Zendo Deb said...


Must just be a matter of perspective.

A bad day in the gulf is 6 to 8 ft wave height. And the way NOAA measures wave height it is half of what everyone else considers. (From the middle of the wave to the crest, not from the trough to the crest.)

That lake looks like it is the next-best-thing to "mirror smooth"

phlegmfatale said...

ooooh, pretty view. Sucks to be you, doesn't it?!!!

Anonymous said...

Boy, we all feel very sorry for you. Wish I lived next to a lake like that...

That same front came through Missouri yesterday, putting my picnic table through my back door!

Hunter said...

Looks good from here in South East Alaska, with little snow banks still in the shady spots, and frosty trees above us on Deer Mountain.

How long till that ridgeline on the far shore is covered in houses?

Ulises from CA said...

You know, I only see abandoned gasoline tanks from my porch. Yep, can't pay for that view!


Christina said...

It got up to 89 here in Vegas today.
Our weather has been bizarre lately, I've been having to constantly switch between heating and air condioning, it's pissing me off! I'm used to at least a month of leaving the windows open for cool, fresh air. Not this year!

Your view is absolutely gorgeous, BTW.

Blackwing1 said...


It was 17 degrees (F, not C) this morning, with a north wind blowing at around 18 MPH. Central MN got over a foot of snow in some spots on Tuesday, and I can't get the 'Wing out of the garage to take it to work because of the ice in the alley.

The high yesterday was 30F, and every lily that dared to stick it's head above the ground is frost-burnt and blackening. You've got to love spring in Minnesnowta.