Thursday, April 19, 2007

Books: Damn Michael Crichton...

...and his mad, 1337 page-turner writing skillz.

It was 4:49 in the AM before I finally said "No! No more 'just one more page'! It will still be here tomorrow," put State of Fear down and went to bed.

Thanks a lot, Kaylee. :)


B&N said...


I've been resisting the urge to read that book, and now you, of all peoplel, are giving it the thumbs up.

The stack awaiting my attention is getting out of control.


Kaylee said...

so.... you don't agree with that 3/5 rating? :)

al said...

That was a good read. Took me a couple of nights to read the whole thing. Crichton is good at keeping one from putting the book down. Years ago I started one his books around 3:15pm and stayed up till 2:00am to finish ... I had to get up at 5:00 to go to work.

reflectoscope said...

Funny you should mention, I've lost some sleep over the last week or so getting caught up on your writing. Jim