Wednesday, April 25, 2007

There's a poll up... Michael Silence's blog regarding the Sheriff of Knoxingham's new deputy/revenue collection agent, R2D2. Feel free to offer your opinions.

Myself, I find it highly ironic to think that the Mountain Boy would come tearing down Thunder Road and get a ticket mailed to him from a robot revenooer at the intersection of Kingston Pike and Morrell.


Anonymous said...

If a bootlegger runs a red light and gets a ticket mailed to him (or her), does someone still get drunk?


Bob in Houston said...

Heh, here is my favorite site devoted to all the trashed out cameras in the UK.

I look at some of the ones we have here in Houston every morning and wonder, hmmn, how thick is that plate? and could I ,in theory hole that sob with my Husky Mauser from 100 yards?, just in theory mind you.

Mark said...

I thought you folk just shot traffic cameras out?

B&N said...

Kim du Toit has posted about this kind of thing several times, with several links to the Gatso-burning sites. A thing of beauty.

His first survey amongst his readers, I believe, netted the use of a .270, at range, for obvious reasons.

My guess is that R2 isn't too much longer for this world.