Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Baseball: Yay!

The good news? The Braves are tied for the NL East lead.

The bad news? There are 161 games left to go.

The other good news? There are 161 games left to go.

I don't actually have a functioning TeeWee in the house. Have any of y'all used MLB.TV? Does it unsuck?


Dr. StrangeGun said...

I have several quasi and wholly functional TV units... we'll confer at the shop.

I also have an old ATI rage all-in-wonder card floating around somewhere...

code: hvaudruu. Can they get any longer?

Abby said...

I used MLB TV to watch the last two months of Tiger baseball last year from Tampa.

It's pretty cool. T'was also affordable.

I'd do it again. Then again, it probably makes a big difference that you have a good connection and either a laptop or a computer in a comfortable location.

Anonymous said...

MLB.TV price went up and they've added ads.