Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Someone needs to explain to Sheryl Crow...

...that most paper in the US comes from tree farms; loblolly pines and such grown expressly to produce paper.

In that light, avoiding paper to "Save the trees!" sounds as idiotic as avoiding bread to "Save the wheat!"


Ulises from CA said...

I've already made up my mind. Don't confuse me with the facts!

Unless they have:
1. Experience;
2. Education;&/or
3. Common sense,
celebrities ought to keep their mouths shut on issues of the day (unless they're at the ballot box, like the rest of us).

That said:
Ms. Crow is 1. Smoking HOT; 2. an excellent singer/songwriter; &
3. a breast cancer survivor. Let her speak on any of these three points & I'm all ears!


B&N said...

She needs to understand that fecal matter does NOT belong on your hands, EVER!

Ben said...

Maybe she craps like a rabbit.

LabRat said...

Further irony- intelligent forest management in the loblolly's native range is currently trying to thin their number, because they've taken over forests formerly dominated by longleafs due to decades of retardation about fire-dependent ecosystems.

So cutting them down is actually a GOOD thing in a lot of places even if they're not farmed just for the purpose.

Desertrat said...

For all that she's said it was all a joke, I submit that one square is nowhere nearly adequate for her to clean her mouth.

Wanna save a lot more trees than are used for non-skid bumwipe? Get rid of all those government forms. Follow the "Paperwork Reduction Act" to its logical conclusion in this age of computers.