Sunday, April 29, 2007

YouTube bonanza over at Les Jones joint!

Watch every great car chase scene in movie history, then vote for the best.

(Which is Bullitt, in case you were wondering. With a big block Mustang and a 440 Charger, you don't need the foley guys to dub in squealing tires and motor noises.)


Marko said...

Bullitt, no doubt.

That '68 Mustang Fastback is teh sexy, but your Nazi skateboard probably would have dusted both those rides handily.

For some reason, I had flashbacks to our Midtown Madness races a few years back when I watched that chase scene.

Homer said...

Bullitt.....Do it right the first time and you don't need to keep trying to improve on it.

Carl said...

Bullitt rules, but Ronin is Runnin' neck and neck.

Check out that Winchester '97 in Bullitt. Sweet!

BobG said...

And the fact that McQueen did his own driving makes it even better.

rickn8or said...

Not to mention the self-regenerating wheel covers on the Charger.

Jerry said...

Bullitt takes unfair advantage because of McQueen and his Mustang, plus criminals are creepier, more menacing when they're old guys like the white-haired shotgunner.

Seems like the same bad guy was driving in Bullitt and 7-Ups, but he switched from horn rims to wire frames and grew his hair out. Type casting.

Desertrat said...

I've always liked the Bullitt scene. I have fond memories of one night, after closing the Pierce Street Annex, of driving a '63 Vette up some hills in a manner quite close to his going down those hills. My passengers weren't quite as enthusiastic about the whole deal as I was, however.

Jack Daniels will do that...


Matt G said...

The chase scene in Bullitt was pretty swoopy, but it took me a few intersections to realize that they weren't just showing the same scene from different angles; they just expected us to believe that, in 1968, every stinking intersection in San Francisco had a green VW Beatle passing through it. :) (I counted that same Bug 6 times.)

The scene from The Seven Ups was mediocre. Roy Schneider would have to be the crappiest driver on the planet to have trouble keeping his ride up with the body-rolling land yacht of a sedan he's chasing. ('72 LTD?)

The classic French Connection chase scene was even cooler when you realize that some of those vehicles they're passing are just... traffic. There's a car crash that made the film from a guy who just was driving through the scene. Yikes.

Hackman's car wasn't as cool, though.

B&N said...

"That '68 Mustang Fastback is teh sexy"

Yes. The sexiest car ever produced.


Justin said...

I'm going to commit heresy here:

Bullitt was the first great car chase. However, people continue to confuse first with best.

Heck, how is it that the car chase from Die Hard 3 didn't even rate a mention?

Same goes for the freeway chase from Matrix 2.

Oh, I hear what your response is going to be "but they used CG and bluescreen/greenscreen compositing for that!"

Fine, then check out
Rendezvous by Claude Lelouch. Doesn't get more real than that.

And not even an honorable mention for The Hire series of short films commissioned by BMW a few years ago?

That said, Steve McQueen is easily one of the best action movie stars in the history of the genre. In an interview, Chow Yun-Fat was once asked who he'd like to team up with in an action movie, and his response was Steve McQueen.

Matt G said...

(Weren't there any good chases in The Getaway?)

Anonymous said...

Garbonzo Beans!

The greatest Movie Car Chase was in the Original Italian Job with Michael Caine.

Minis vs. Alfa Romeo police cars, on stairs and in sewers! Now THAT was a car chase!

Who likes micro-blasters.

NeoNietzsche: said...

Like Carl says, Bullitt, then Ronin.

Best combo of car chase and gun play?

I'd reverse the order.

Anonymous said...

Came out of "Bullitt", got into my '69 GT Mustang [HP 351] and started up the road that wound around the shopping center. At some point while I was pushing 2nd gear through a curve, my date leaned over and said, "We don't have to be doing this." As there wasn't going to be a second date, there was every reason for "doing this". The GT was, of course, a fastback and green. OldeForce