Monday, April 23, 2007

Blog Stuff: Overheard on the Porch.

I dragged poor Gunsmith Bob to the K-ville Blogfest at Calhoun's on Saturday night after work. We got to meet lots of new people, and had an enjoyable conversation with a couple of the bigger rock stars of the blogosphere.

Later that evening, back at home on the porch, Gunsmith Bob was contemplating the lake while I was lost in my book. After a bit, he spoke up:

"Well, that was really enjoyable."

(Without looking up from my book) "What? Adult conversation?"

"No, I meant... well, yeah, actually."


BobG said...

It sounds like it was a lot better idea than watching aroused goats...

Anonymous said...

It was certainly a pleasure meeting you guys! I hope next time I can participate a little more than I did this go around.