Thursday, April 05, 2007

Blog Stuff: Why haven't I read her before today?

Abby with a slam-dunk post on the State of the War. Wish I'd written it.


Ulises from CA said...

WHY didn't you write this before?

I think that there are few people who can articulate their thoughts on the situation so coherently. Most of the time, what one wants to do is just SCREAM! And that's futile.

I suppose that the regomes in those areas could use some changing but they must be changed by their own people & the people convinced that it was their idea to begin with.

A lot of vaporized Hiroshimans & Nagasakians could illustrate what happens to nations the truly piss us off!

Abby said...

Yikes! Thanks for the shout-out. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

If Islam is such a threat, why are we still allowing immigration from Muslim countries? Why are we not rounding up and shipping back all non-citizen Muslims?

The whole notion of "democratizing" Muslim countries flies in the face of 14 centuries of history. Islam will not be gelded. It's a waste of effort.

Islam is the enemy. Not "Islamic Radicalism." Not "Islamic Fascism" or any other such retarded oxymoron. Islam is the enemy. Has been for 1400 years.

Erase Islam. Or be erased.

Marko said...

And just how exactly are you going to "erase" a religion with a billion followers, most of which are non-Arabs? Should we just nuke every predominantly Muslim country in the world?

Religion...gah. It seems that nothing will make a man cut his neighbor's throat more readily than a difference in theology.

Erase Islam. It boggles the mind. Why didn't anyone think of that before? You're a frakkin' genius, anonymous.

Kaylee said...

Wow... EXCELLENT article.

Dang I wish GOOD info like this made it out into general circulation instead of the constant scandalmongering.

To the Islamic thing - certainly I agree theocide is out of the question.

That said, the more I read of its founding and subsequent history, the more I come to see Islam is indeed uniquely poor at playing well with others... and the fundamentalist Imams are indeed a serious problem.

I'm beginning to think any war strategy that doesn't include a policy of targeted assassinations for same anytime, anywhere may be sufficient.

Kaylee said...

correction.. may NOT be sufficient.

oops. :)