Sunday, April 22, 2007

Boomsticks: What to do in the absence thereof.

There's a very interesting discussion running over at PDB's joint regarding preparedness in a victim disarmament zone. Here in Knoxville there are lots of folks who, via working at the University or out in Oak Ridge, spend their days in what PDB referred to euphemistically as "non-permissive environments". This was the catalyst for his question "What's in your Manpurse?"

Some of the stuff I thought was obvious; good first aid gear and the like. Others made me smack myself on the forehead and wonder "Why didn't I think of that?", like a couple of rubber doorstops. Professor Librescu would probably rather have left a doorstop behind and been a live witness rather than a fallen hero. (Personally, I think it would have been nice if he'd been allowed to be a hero by shooting the killer instead of by dying valiantly, but that's another conversation altogether.)

Anyway, go check out the discussion. There's some outside-the-box thinking going on.


Joseph said...

I took a look at the post...interesting. I am in the plannng stages of putting a kit together for my truck...I work in an industrial setting, it is not possible to carry a kit with me. But this being south Texas, it gets hot enough here that a breakdown or bugout situation would be a real challenge if I was not prepared.

Matt G said...

Interestingly, this defensive concept closely parallels the offensive concept that I was thinking of when I asked folks at The High Road what to put in a Fast Response Bag for an active shooter situation.

Door stops? See post #47.

Anonymous said...

Also, in the absence of doorstops, you can throw a book or binder under the door for the same purpose.

I am going to get a can of spray paint for my bag, though. That sounds extremely useful.

Weer'd Beard said...

Even in the Non-Permissive People's Republic of Mass one of these

Is not considered a weapon because of the lenth of the blade. Just because this state refuses to issue me a carry permit does NOT mean I'm going to go unarmed or trust a tin of tobasco for my protection, and the lives of others.


-Weer'd Beard

Kristopher said...

I would just use the same solution I used before CCW issue was mandatory.

Unlawful carry. If you have to use it, walk away afterwards.