Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's Buy A Gun Day!

I don't own a Magic 8-Ball, so I'm going to use you guys instead. I was recently reminded that today is Buy A Gun Day. Do I:

A) Go ahead and buy the Surefire M900 that I was planning on buying anyway. (It's not a gun, but it's as expensive as one, and it goes on a gun. I'm going to put it on the 6.8 carbine. This will allow me to move the Pentagonlight and GG&G grip back over to my brown carbine and return it to housegun duty.)

B) Buy a used Springfield Armory Lightweight Loaded that we got in on trade at work. It needs a cleanin' something fierce (the previous owner was apparently unaware that stainless is just that: stainless, not stainnot, and doesn't mean you can store the gun at the bottom of your saltwater aquarium) but I can probably just barely swing it, and I sure do miss my old Lightweight Loaded.

C) Buy the cheaper (thumbscrew instead of ARMS throw-lever) M900, and put the difference down on a sweet little 18" 20ga Remington 870. The rationale here? Bonnie and Clyde stole my shotgun, at least for another week or so, so that should be plenty of reason to buy a stand-in.

I'm feeling pretty much obligated towards "B)", and, frankly that's the way my heart leans as well (Q: "Should you buy another 1911?" A: "Whattarya? Stupid? Yes.")


Anonymous said...

I'm all for the 1911. As a matter of fact, I'm doing the 1911 dance right now


Anonymous said...

I'll say the 870, only because I just got one on Friday, an 18" synthetic in 12 gauge, and we love it. Speaking of which, can you, Tam, or anyone else recommend some lighter loads to shoot out of it? We tried out some different loads and found one that my girlfriend finds comfortable (Winchester AA Low Recoil, Low Noise, Target Load) and would like to find some others that would be comparable.


pdb said...

I think the correct answer is YES.

However, if you are limited by those damnable financial constraints, I'd grab the 1911.

Jeff said...

I'd go for the 1911. Of course you can never go wrong with another 870 or a decent 1911 around the house.

My BAG Day purchase this year was a CPO P228, Unfortunately I need to wait for it to come in the mail to my FFL.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of the Springfield Armory XD45 Compact. They didn't have one, so I got the regular XD45.


Anonymous said...

Drew, I'm not Tam, but what's wrong with just using those loads? Keep something heavier for defensive use in the 870 and practice with that load. Lots of info on this topic on the high road dot org or the firing line dot com.

I dunno Tam, between the 870 and 1911, that's a darn hard call. Layaway?

My purchase was a junk box "two'fer" - Bersa .380 and a Ruger P89DC less than a new Bersa.

Al T.

Kristopher said...

Choose plan Z.

Max out a credit card and buy a transferable SMG.

Mark@C said...

Reduced recoil loads - I've had excellent results with the Aquila mini-shells (#7 shot, slug, and buck) with my better half.
Feeding in an 870, though, I can't attest to.

Tam, your options are a 1911 and anything else, and you're asking for advice? Are you feeling well?

John said...

Go with the 1911, they're easier to store. I got a Glock 26 on Friday for just that reason.


Anonymous said...

Al, I don't have a problem using that load, just wasn't sure if there were any others to try since I'm new to shotguns. Thanks, will check out the forums mentioned.

Mark, thanks, I'll try those out.

Tam, thanks for allowing the comment-jacking.