Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Feeling like I've got round two of whatever I had last week.

Plus the 'net connection at home is hosed.

Perkier later, maybe.


Ulises from CA said...

My sympathies.

The Missus has Round 3 of the bug this week. If she doesn't get over this, I might have to take her in for anti-biotics.

Get some R E S T.

JoeMerchant24 said...

Mizz Merchant has been coughing and plugged up for almost two weeks now.

She's blaming her dad, who had a little sniffle. She thinks she caught the bug from using his XD9 the other day.

(that also ended up costing me, too. She suddenly decided the Walther P99 wasn't as nice as she orignially thought. So, after some wheeling, I traded it and $50 for a new XD at the local mega-outfitter.)

Get better L.T. They need you back at work. Those bullets don't unstick themselves from barrels... (runs away, again, serpentine-style)

pax said...

A little light reading to cheer you up: http://www.websurdity.com/2007/02/28/uncomfortable-questions-was-the-death-star-attack-an-inside-job/


Canpflier said...

Three rounds for me. But it actually does get better, Tam, after you are chronically dehydrated and feeling like something other than human for a couple of days. But I had to try a case during phase four, think it helps if you have no choice but to get it up and out the door!

Hope your near the end. IT sucks.