Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Boomsticks: Paranoia will destroy ya...

A three page discussion is raging over at TFL on the thin line between preparedness and paranoia.

As best I can gather it resolves thusly:

She's naive.

I'm prepared.

You're paranoid.

Take off the ankle holster in the shower.


Warthog said...

you built a special shelf for your 1911 in your shower didn't you Tam?

Admit it, we know there's a gun rack in there.

*Sarcasm Alert*

Homer said...

Take off the gun in the shower? Wait a minute - isn't that why Kydex holsters and stainless guns were invented?

pdb said...

I do not carry in the shower, primarily on the assumption that the proportion of criminals who would willingly fight a 6'7" nekkid and soapy dude is vanishingly small.

Ahab said...

I can't carry a gun in the shower; I worry that a light coating of water will instantly cause rust damage on my non-polymer revolvers.


Ambulance Driver said...

There's a new niche for LawDog to write about. Court guns. BBQ guns. And now...

Shower Guns!

Only polymer or tastefully engraved stainless will do.

mdmnm said...

Off topic, but could you (would you) provide some illumination regarding this

old bolt action (Mauser)?

Will said...

Well, I figure that BGs rarely make appointments. Something in my little basket of essentials that I take with me might be wise.
"Snubbie in a Baggie".
Plus the required gunzine for those sitting and s******g moments.
(must remember to look into those Blue Bags for corrosion inhibition)

Kristopher said...

The Bates Motel Kydex ankle special.

Will you be modeling one for us?

T.Stahl said...

Shower carry. Isn't that what Glocks and maritime spring cups are for?

alex. said...

Pistol in the shower? Crazy. Then again, I have my darling bride stand guard while I shower (with an AK at port arms, of course), so work out your own security detail, damnit.

ExistingThing said...

Folks in the shower are less likely to hear a window being broken or a door being forced. Also, a 6'7" nekkid and soapy dude is less likely to be in a position of tactical advantage to someone breaking the nekkid dude's house. Not to mention that rapists would find their prey half-way to their goal, with a loud shower to drown out some noises.

If a BG knows you're the only one home, and they see the the bathroom light come on or see steam from the shower coming out the window, they might think (apparently, rightly) that you are unprepared.


Or am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

"Or am I wrong?"

And apparently stinky.

Ahab said...

Man, I LOVE paranoia.

Since I'm not showering in Beruit, I'm less than concerned about getting mugged in the privacy of my shower.

However, for the paranoia-types out there, I have a solution. Get a home alarm. If someone smashes a window while you're in the shower, you *might* be able to hear the Alarm That Wakes The Dead(tm).

Richard said...

You're not paranoid if ...

Anonymous said...


Why would I care what his or anyone’s preference for preparedness is?

Why would I care what anybody thinks of my preparedness?

The whole conversation was pointless in the first place.


Insecure pantywaste of time.


Billy Beck said...

I have three words for the "you're paranoid" crowd:

"Rebecca fucking Griego".

Google up that name without my added emphasis.

That is all.