Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blog Stuff: It's not just action movies...

I walked into work yesterday, took off my coat, set down my lunch, and wandered smack into the middle of the most bizarre movie discussion I'd ever heard.

He had a point, though, but it's not just action movies...

Gladiator? Die Hard with togas and lush cinematography.

Jaws? Lethal Weapon on a boat and Gary Busey's part played by a robot fish.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
is Die Hard, but with a psycho Lee Van Cleef instead of a psycho terrorist.

The Wizard of Oz is Lethal Weapon, with Ray Bolger in Danny Glover's role.


pdb said...

Le Mans: Die Hard in a Porsche 917.

Harry Potter (any): Lethal Weapon with magic wands.

Nacho Libre: Lethal Weapon in tights, in Mexico!

This is the best movie game ever.

NeoNietzsche: said...

I'm thinking that Passion of the Christ is One Eyed Jacks - only this time Jesus (Marlon Brando) comes back to try to get the Romans (Karl Malden).

HollyB said...

Boondock Saints: Die Hard with John McClain and his Brother killing off Russin Mobsters. This IS a fun game.

Austin mike said...

Quest for Fire then, is just Monty Python's Holy Grail without a killer rabbit?

Time Bandits is Treasure of the Sierra Madre with midgets?