Thursday, July 05, 2007

*sniff* It's a thing of beauty.

Kevin at The Smallest Minority absolutely fillets an hilarious article by thimble-headed gherkin Drew Westen, a psych professor at Emory U. in my sainted hometown. (Emory is also, perhaps not coincidentally, the former home turf of Michael "The Sprinklers Ate My Homework" Bellesiles.)

In his article, Westen proudly displays his passport from Bizarroland, a place superficially similar to planet Earth, but where drooling idiots with hearts full of hate run amok absent guidance from their spiritual and intellectual betters in politics and academe. This is something that is beginning to profoundly disturb me: I expect a certain juvenile simplicity of outlook from the average mouth-breathing cretin, fogging his monitor as he types his semi-literate screed and hits the "post" button at FreeRepublic or Democratic Underground, but when did such breathtaking naivety become not just allowed, but expected of educated people in positions of authority?

When you're wandering out in some far corner of the internet, you expect to read crap about how lizardoid aliens and Freemasons are controlling the Zionist Occupation Government; when you're off nosing around in the backwaters of some survivalist message board, you are not surprised by posts about how Hillary Clinton is going to make the UN invade and round everybody up, using WalMarts for detention centers because they have lots of bar-code scanners to read our new Number Of The Beast tattoos. But this, this... This isn't some random self-published screed on the web! This is not an attack blog or a humor site; this is an article written by a paid professor at an accredited university who is publically claiming that the noble and cerebral Democrats can't battle the hypnotizing, hate-filled White Southern Males of the Eeeeeevil GOP. Really. I was waiting for the lizardoids to show up around paragraph seven or so and symbolically rape Gaia while carrying off Al Gore to be a slave on their homeworld, Karlrovia. How does this get past the editorial process?

Anyhow, go read Kevin's fisking, but pay close attention to what's being fisked. The cat who wrote it might be teaching your kid.


NotClauswitz said...

It appears that his brain-worm has succeeded in reaching the cortex and is busy eating away all the soft-tisue. As he says, "an electorate that has finally figured out that the once larger-than-life Wizard of Terror was nothing but a projection on a screen" - we can now diagnose the origin of Troofers.

BobG said...

"How does this get past the editorial process?"

They're probably Organic Vegans, tofu addicts, and Lifetime Members of PETA, also.

Anonymous said...


How did you think we got things like Al Gore/Bill Clinton ad nauseum? They aren't hatched, (well . . . nevermind, that's another post) they're made. Right here in America.

Welcome to reality.