Wednesday, August 06, 2008

May I take your order?

Spent the morning hanging out with the gunsmithing crew at CCA before heading back to the casa to catch the Braves game.

Before I left, I got volunteered to make the lunch run to Arby's. Gunsmith Bob scribbled down everyone's order on a piece of paper and down the road I went.

Rather than tie up the drive-thru with a monster order, I went inside. I stepped up to the register and the cashier asked me for my order. I looked at my piece of paper and read off: "Front & rear sights. Grip safet... Wait." *flip* "Large roast beef sandwich. Large curly fries..."

When I returned to the shop with the vittles, I recounted my embarrassing blooper. Gunsmith Bob said "Y'know, if they'd had sights and a grip safety, I'd have been impressed. We'd get lunch there more often."


Anonymous said...

My wife loves Arbys, but I never considered shopping gun parts there. ;)


Mark said...

Did I ever tell you about my Fun Visit to the Accountant?

Brian the Accountant: "Well, erm... Mark.. Yes. Mark. Uh... Mark, I don't quite know how to... uh..."

Me: "What, have I been stung for a zillion quid tax or something."

BtA: ", it's the. Mark, I don't know if I should call the police about you."

Me: "....................whut?"

BtA: "I'm actually very frightened to have you sitting here right now... but you're my client, so I should ask before I do anything..."

Me: "Would you, please tell me what this is about?"

BtA: "Mark, your expenditures show two hundred pounds spent on Dynamite, and three hundred pounds on Napalm!"

Me: *Falls out of chair laughing*

BtA: "Jesus, Mark you're scaring me!

Dynamite is a computational fluid dynamics program that's used for flame and stuff. Napalm is a particle-driver system.

Pardon my french, but fuck me that was a funny afternoon.

ColtCCO said...

Sorry I missed saying goodbye - I was busy ensuring they didn't lock my ass up(They didn't, I'm free at last, etc.)

See you next time you're in town!

Mark Alger said...

I can SO picture you doing that, too.