Saturday, August 02, 2008

On the road. Again.

Hello, y'all!

I'm posting this from sunny Knoxville, where I have gone to say howdy to old friends and make sure they haven't changed the city around too much in the past six months.

Which of course they have.

As in, they closed the major interstate (I-40) through the heart of downtown. Yeah, that's gotta be good for traffic. Luckily I got here a bit late for Friday night rush hour, since I got stuck in a traffic jam in Middleofnowhere, Kentucky. (People, when the sign says "Left Lane Closed 3.5 Miles Ahead", it does not mean that you should try and proceed past all the slow-moving traffic for 3.4999 miles and then dive to the right at the last minute. It's because of arseclowns like you that the traffic is moving slowly in the first place.)


Breda said...

will there, perhaps, be photos?

Tam said...

The first thing I do when I arrive at a travel destination is check to see what I've forgotten. This time, it's anything remotely resembling hair care products or apparatus and my camera.

Oh, and PJ bottoms. Thank goodness Wally World sells nurse's scrubs so cheaply. They have rescued more than one vacation of mine.

perlhaqr said...

I like to put my car in the "closing" lane, once traffic has stalled out, and just pace the car in the other lane.

Once traffic hits the big gap created, it tends to speed up a lot, which usually gets me through the bottleneck faster than waiting for all the assclowns who are hopping the line.

B&N said...

But, the nomenklatura are special, you see, and they don't have to wait on traffic. They have privilages.

It's situations like this that call for creative driving. Scare the piss out of a few of them. They'll learn.

rickn8or said...


Yabbut you have to keep teaching the lesson over and over, as the world keeps coming up with new idiots.

You would think that in this era of modern communication, the word would get out to stay out of the way of the geezer in the blue GMC with the Darwinfish and the autism ribbon, but noooo!

Tennessee Budd said...

Tam, I'd've warned you if I'd known you were coming to TN. It was even news in Trashville, so I was able to warn all my bros coming to the Hoot.