Friday, March 13, 2009

Pesky First Amendment!

In the remains of the house, investigators found dozens of soot-covered DVDs on how to commit acts of violence, including how to shoot into a moving car and building a homemade gun silencer. McAliley said they appeared to be serious, not a joke.
Hey, you know who publishes a lot of great books on violence and mayhem? The U.S. Department of Defense.

I even have a book around here published by the CPUSA discussing violent revolution against the U.S. Government. When I saw it for sale, I had to buy it; it was one of my proudest moments as an American citizen.

If you don't understand that, it's back to Civics 101 for you, Ms. "Journalist".

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Anonymous said...

I see that this hypothesis is very popular in amateur psychology circles. Lord knows none of us have the capacity to commit violence without an instructional DVD. I figure if I keep watching Todd Jarrett on YouTube, I can just pick up and win matches one day.

For all you fans of health records intrusion and instant checks, note how the immutable effects of time unfortunately (and once again) made it so that the murder's mental illness just happened to occur after purchasing firearms. See, it happened after. Af-ter.

We tried to explain this to gun paranoids in the wake of the V-Tech murders, however, like the officers who went and arrested the nearest pistol permit holder on campus, the disarmers would have none of that logic and immutable laws of nature stuff.