Thursday, July 02, 2009

Oh, noes!

"Someone is sending thousands of eyeballs per day to my site, free of charge! I'd best put a stop to that!"

In other news, Dead Tree Newspaper Journalist claims that the internets are, despite claims to the contrary, actually a Big Truck.

(H/T to Unc.)


Carteach0 said...

The top link locked my PC.. C/A/D time.

Kristopher said...

Gawker sites run way too many scripts.

Turn off java before accessing them.

Joanna said...

I am so freaking glad I got pushed out of that industry when I did.

Don Gwinn said...

Posner again . . . this guy is the one who wrote the article trashing the Heller decision, in part because "our society is already too litigious" and recognizing an individual RKBA would lead to lawsuits when the right was infringed.

He was also on the 3-judge panel that decided against us in McDonald v. Chicago. They gave as their reasoning that the Supreme Court's older decisions tied their hands . . . but they managed to assert in the decision that there is no inherent right to self-defense; indeed, if a state legislature decides to mandate that you must submit to criminals and not defend yourself, then that would be legal (and by extension, would invalidate Scalia's reasoning in Heller, since it based the RKBA on self-defense.)

In short, Posner is a nut. For some reason, the chattering classes trip over themselves trying to curtsy to him, but I've had a hard time detecting the towering intellect they keep talking about. His reasoning is wobbly at best.

Andy said...

Please, no need to bring in amateur snark. Gawker simply serves as the collector for the debris in Internet runoff.

As for Posner... a simpleton that you smile and pat on the head as you walk by. His time has gone, and he simply doesn't know it.

captcha: unsagity (verb) - bra action

staghounds said...

I don't know,

"It's like the ship is taking on hundreds of gallons of water a minute and there's an island within sight, but some people may not be able to make the swim and anyway, there could be scary animals on it, so instead everyone has decided to yell at the holes in the hull until they're patched by time-travel magic."

is pretty good stuff.

Albert A Rasch said...

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