Thursday, July 02, 2009

Junk email.

Usually I'm not big on the junk email. I wind up bulk deleting an awful lot of stuff from Bike Nashbar and Vickie's Secret.

I'll open about one in three from Brownells or ¡BLACKHAWK!, though, and I'm frequently glad I did. $40 for a fresh pair of boots? Sold!


zeeke42 said...

I learned recently not to open the ones from MidwayUSA. I opened one last week and it cost me $270. A number of things I'd been meaning to buy eventually were all on sale.

DirtCrashr said...

I open the Sinclair web page just to get eye-rolling exercise.

Whitebread said...

What didja get, Tam?

pdb said...

LA Police Gear is running a 15% off sale!

Ed Foster said...

I've always found Sportsman's Guide to be the place for best prices on footware and clothes, and usually the largest number of choices.

Their ammo prices run a bit higher than other discount sites, but I often end up running a ZEEKE42 on the camping specials, and I outfitted an entire scout troop with Swedish army alcohol stoves and mess kits for about $5.50 per each kid.

Ed Foster said...

OH, CURSE YOU DirtCrashr! I had never encountered the Sinclair International catalouge before, and now I'm a ruined man! I may end up starving in the gutter because I've spent all my money on obscene amounts of goodies.

Just pages 140 through 165 will bankrupt the entire East Windsor Marksmen's Association, and leave dozens, nay hundreds, of children to fend for themselves as their parents devolve into drooling wretches, sitting in the cellar making neat little metallic thingies fit together with assorted clicks and snaps!

Anonymous said... -- esp when it's a "70% off sale day, with free shipping".

Not everything, for everybody, all the time. But, there are scores to be made, in select mdse.

We don't go much for tailored Italian Alpaca full length trench coats on summer clearance at 700.00 -- [originally 1400.00 & etc.], but if we had a couple of vintage Thompson's to conceal, well then, it'd be a whole 'nuther thing.

However, with Martha's careful pickin', most of our clothing and shoes and dog stuff come by way of the 'Net and Big Brown,nowadays. The on-line sales are the one's to cruise.

F'r instance. Martha likes knifes: folders or fixed. Some pretty good name brands bought on deep discounts, are in her collection drawer, or pocket.

Yeah, I know: it ain't CDNN. But I'll take a bargain where I can find it.

Duluth Trading also puts out some real useful clothing and work gear stuff. It doesn't look tacticool, neither.

and a newlio verifio: fightio

J, t R