Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gun laws Down Under will make you chunder.

Julie serves up a post on gun laws in Oz, which are worse than New Jersey's, and almost as bad as New York City's.

I was surprised to see that heavy handgun restrictions were in place as early as the 1950s, since there had actually been a serious danger of military invasion just a decade earlier.


Anonymous said...

The average citizen would cheer & the Big Gub'ment lackeys would blanch at all the loose guns & ammo in the US of A.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Western Australia is like living in Texas but having Massachusetts gun laws.

Shootin' Buddy

(No that doesn't count! I still win the bet).

Crucis said...

When the Brits were in control, they were terrified about the "convicts" having guns. Now, the Brits are just figure-heads but the government still has that attitude.

Oz is going the way of the UK. When the gubmint disarms their people, tyranny has arrived.
Right now, Oz can sill vote the villains out. If they wait, the vote will be meaningless and then it will be too late without blood being shed.

Stranger said...

Yep, Oz HAD rigid gun laws that were not rigid enough for the idiot politicians. So it looked like a great opportunity when allegedly low-IQ Martin Bryant turned up with money and yen for a pot of guns.

The plot is much the same as that of Dunblaine. Arrest a somewhat peculiar man, confiscate weapons. Lean on him hard in durance. Turn now angry and vengeful man loose, return weapons. Count the dead and roll the tapes on your ready-made gun control campaign.

SOP - whether Bryant did it or no. Many who know Bryant say he did not, and there is much suspicion on that score. Because one untrained man cannot reasonably be expected to out-rambo Rambo by a factor of five or so.

From what I get backchannel at least some of the doubt is justified. Although I do not see the Mossad as the active killers.

And from what I get backchannel, a stolen stateside S&W M&P goes for AU $4,000 plus. And Canberra is now much more dangerous than Chicago.


Anonymous said...

In Britain it is illegal to carry any knife that locks because that makes it a dagger.Silencers are legal on rifles and required or people like gamekeepers as it is a health and safety issue,hearing protection.

Glenn Kelley

T.Stahl said...

Many of the items on that list of Australian gun regulations looked familiar (i.e. 'German').

OTOH, I have this anecdote with an Australian co-worker about Enfields, K31s, and a 'Swiss' rifle that 'looked like a Toblerone' and turned out to be a Swedish AG42s.

Me: 'So it was an AG42 - but that's Swedish, not Swiss.'
ACW: 'Swiss, Swedish, whatever.'
Me: 'And a semi-auto. Semi-autos are banned in Australia!'
ACW: 'Yeah, but it's a big country!' ;-)

Tam said...

It is absolutely true that people more than 2,000 miles from the south coast of the Baltic can't tell the difference between yodeling and an Ingmar Bergman movie.