Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fashion Statement, Part Deux.

So I'm talking to Matt on the phone yesterday and the topic of Barbecue Guns comes up. I at first aver that I don't really have one. I mean, I could slap my spare set of Arhend's cordia wood or Carbon Creations grip panels on my Springer or my Colt, but those are both beat-to-hell working guns with ugly, worn teflon finishes. "Like lipstick on a pig," is the term that came to mind.

"Oh, wait..." I recalled, "yes, I do have a Barbecue Gun." I wonder if those vintage mother-of-pearl stocks on my .44 Hand Ejector would fit on that 27?


Tango Juliet said...

What would General Patton say?

jetfxr69 said...


And here I thought the Mosin-Nagant M38/M44 was a "barbeque gun", due to the massive fireball that will simply cook the target.

Tango Juliet said...

But he'd be saying "Brains! Braiins!" with an ivory stocked 27 on his hip.

Joseph said...

I suppose I don't realy have one either, unless I cleaned up my Colt CCO and put some fabulous grips on it. My problem is a proper BBQ rig. I keep meaning to get some fancy leathers for a 1911 and just can't convince myself to drop the coin.

Caleb said...

Everyone should have a BBQ gun. Even I have one. It's a 5.5 inch Beretta Stampede with legit ivory grips.

The "ultimate" in BBQ guns though would be one of the guns (any of them) from USFA.

Boat Guy said...

Seem to be having trouble leaving comments these days. Apologise if it's a double but gonna try again; there's a place for BBQ guns aka "Open Carry Guns" in my world. The current favorite is a TR Model 22 Smith. Since the stock grips were the little "historically correct" ones and I was gettin tired of having the trigger guard smack my finger, I had Tedd at Blu Magnum make some "Clint Smith Style" grips out of birdseye maple. These show good contrast with the "almost S&W" blue on the retro gun. I wear most of my wheelguns crossdraw so they're pretty much "out there" for the world to see.
My other option is a 1965-vintage Model 27 5" worn in a "Skeeter" rig that John bianchi made for me.

Brian Dale said...

LawDog's criterion: "Now, look in the mirror. Is your mustache over 50% grey? If so, go for pearl grips. 49% or less on the grey-meter, and you'd best stick with ivory. If you go for mother-of-pearl, have it carved or inlaid."

{a href la la la}:

Skipping any stupid "gal with a moustache" remarks, I'd use it this way: As a collector and shooter, you're well on your way to "greybeard" status, for which one's personal, private parts are irrelevant. You've got enough sand to wear mother-of-pearl stocks if you want to.

Another approach: men simply do not tell women what to wear. :)

Of course, you might be passing up a marvelous opportunity to go for a set of new stocks (*cough*)mammoth ivory(*cough*).

Anonymous said...

If looks take priority, go with the 1860 Colt Army. -- Lyle

Roberta X said...

This is why I own a Star BKS with a dove-grey anodized frame, chromed slide (and all the other visible steel parts but the barrel are chrome-plated too) and walnut grips. It doesn't have the nicest trigger pull but it's good enough. It's not a designer label (though Star's factory engraved guns might qualify as that) but pretty enough for even the most formal event. And it'll still stop a bad guy.