Saturday, October 24, 2009

You know what's awesome?

Being mumblesomething years old and still being able to feel like a kid on Christmas morning on gun show weekends.

Shootin' Buddy'll be here in just over an hour.

Other things for which I should keep an eye open: FN 1910 mags, quasi-reasonably-priced .32 ACP ammo, HKS 22-K and 22-J speedloaders. I also want to get hands-on with one of those Bushnell fakeOGs; I'm looking for a temporary dot, for ranges from indoors to across-the-street, that I can use until I've scraped up the gelt for a replacement EOTech.


pdb said...

I've also heard good things about the ... *sigh* "Vortex StrikeFire", if you want to give a fakepoint a try.

Anonymous said...

If the fake-ACOG Bushnell is what you seek, I have one on a hunting AR and it's OK. The Bushnell fake EOTech, on the other hand, shot the batteries and battery cover back in my face after it exploded under the massive recoil of the .223.

I have since sold blood (not mine) and bought real EOTechs, but the bushy wannabe still resides on the 6.8 AR (at least until after deer season).

Anonymous said...

"replacement EOTech" - IMHO, you spell that "Aimpoint/LaRue mount".

Not sure if this applies, but Fiocchi is available at the local Sportsmans Warehouse for 14 bucks a box.

Ed Foster said...

Get the Barska, it's more rugged and lots cheaper.

Darrell said...

I have both the Vortex and Bushnell Fake Cog, they actually work quite well. That's a good price on the Bushnell.

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