Sunday, October 25, 2009


The handiest thing to have at a gun show is something in which to carry your scores.

Luckily, ever since I started carrying my 5.11 PUSH Pack, which I got because of the fact that it fits my Eee as though it were made for it, I always have something handy. I have a feeling that most regular purses would not have dealt well with the additional burden of a pint bottle of water, a carton of .22LR, 100rds of 9mm, and a set of .45ACP carbide reloading dies, as well as swallowing the cell phone, cigs, lighters, flashlights, keys, pens, and suchlike that the purse normally holds. In fact, all I needed to do to make it ready for gun show cargo chores was remove the Eee. Tease me all you want about my "tactical purse", but that padded shoulder strap is a godsend when you're lugging an extra five or ten pounds around in there.

Another strategy I have seen used with some success is going to one of the tables manned by a big surplus vendor and buying one of the countless variety of dispatch bags, gas mask pouches, medic packs, or suchlike that they have piled on their table, usually for $10-$20. It's not like you'll never find a use for it after the show.


Alan said...

I have the Maxpedition version of that and it goes everywhere with me. (Eee inside too, along with Kindle, spare mags, water/diet coke, spare knives, SureFire, iPod, notebook (dead tree version), Advil, etc.

Go ahead and call it a purse if you want, I don't care. It's damned handy.

Jim said...

I don't know how you do it, Tamara -- create a perfectly fine post based on a 180-out premise.

The handiest thing to have at a gun show is a container of hundred dollar bills heavy enough that you shift your burden from one hand to the other every time you change aisles. The second handiest is a pocket full of dollar bills and quarters for quick and easy snagging of the small pleasures -- a brass 10-gauge hull, the orphan grip that will fit your one-slabbed Spanish .32 auto. And jerky and like that.

The third handiest is an obedient munchkin to lug your stuff.

Vaarok said...

I always have a packmule for gunshows. I bring a newb who wants Gun Expert advice, and in exchange hauls around a sack of bayonets and misc for me while trying not to get brained by whatever rifle's on my shoulder every time I turn to look at something we pass by.

Melody Byrne said...

I am a fairly girly girl who believes in a "tactical" purse as well. Show me an average purse that can handle an Eee, extra mags, a notebook, a camera, lens wipes, etc and can be slung cross body so I have my hands free as well! Then put it through 2 kids, 2 dogs, and countless tossing into the front seat of the car and see how long it lasts. It's tactical manbags for me all the way, every day of the week.

NotClauswitz said...

When I was bumming around Europe in the late 70's I had a gray Swiss gas-mask bag for my camera, notebook, yout-hostile maps, tickets, and other items of manpursia.

Rabbit said...

Alan and I have compared Maxpeditions- mine is a left-handed Jumbo. I've found it to be inordinately handy. Best of all, it doesn't scream "there's a big honkin' handgun in here", unlike a fannypack. I carry an assortment of goodies I might need, such as ibuprofen, sinus pills, a good novel, sunflower seeds, vehicle insurance card, notepad and assortment of pills, alcohol wipes, P229 w/ 2 reloads, dust masks, extra set of keys, and the occasional oat bar.

I don't really give a rat's ass if someone calls it a manpurse. Hell, I do most of the time. I'm secure.