Thursday, October 22, 2009


Boy, I've been cranky lately. Snapping people's heads off; getting frustrated with the most trivial things. Should I maybe take a break from the blogging?

I know! I'll go search the internets for what causes unusual bouts of sudden irritability. Probably brain tumors or late-stage sudden adult death syndrome; that's usually what causes anything you look up on the internets.


Julie said...

lsck of chocolate or alcohol would be my verdict for cause .... hope the world stops bugging you soon ...

Carteach said...

Sorry friend. Life gets that way at times.

A day of heavy recoil followed by an evening of beer and steak... that seems to be effective.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Don't quit smoking right now. It's what got me seeing the red curtain of blood before my eyes at the trivial things that cross my path.

Yes, I'm quitting again. Don't tell JayG I fell off the wagon. He'll be so disappointed in me.

Anonymous said...

..unusual bouts of sudden irritability?

What about Prehistoric Monster Syndrome? I'd think that fits the bill for thirty-something women lacking chromosomal abnormalities..


If it's more.. prolonged than just a few days.. running may help. Or any other heavy physical activity.

I don't give fuck all abou nothing for after I've ran 12 kms.

Brad K. said...

A twenty minute nap can help, lots.

Sleeping instead of reading can help, lots.

Avoiding electric or electronic inputs for an hour before bed time can help, lots.

Reading a favored novel early in the morning can help, lots. Or spend some 10 minutes or so with a pet or other treasured companion.

A good, hot breakfast can help, lots. Hot chocolate, hot tea, heck, even hot water - or washing your hands in good, hot water can help warm up the day. And chicken soup.

Wishing, with all your heart, for another to enjoy the day. Gifts brighten the day.

Blessed be!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, everybody gets that way occasionally. Everyday, as I drive past Arlington National Cemetery, I'm reminded of what folks better than me did so I can bitch about my life. Puts the whole damn world in perspective. :)

Scott said...

I hate to mention it, but it is a sign of getting older, losing most of what little patience you started with, being tired of dealing with people, who think they are smarter than everyone else or do not really care whether their decisions are based on logic or not.

I am about 10 years older than you and my wife asks me occasionally why I seem to have no patience any more. I know that it is due to raising 3 boys and dealing with a few moronic Ph.D's every day. These two groups have one thing in common, a self centered feeling of superiority that disregards all manners and logic, unless it is to their advantage.

I tell my wife that my loss of patience is similar to her loss of her short term memory.

Good luck, but nothing is really wrong with you.

rickn8or said...

I'd think blogging would be more of an escape valve than a cause for anger.
Of course, we ALL have more to be angry ABOUT these days.

Anonymous said...

Can't be age, alone; I'm 75 and generally cheerful. Snarky, but cheerful.

Information inflow coming from idiots can tend to be ungruntling, and we're certainly overly-supplied with idiots. Internet would-be gun-buyers as mentioned in the other blog comment; daily crap from government at all levels: Idiots. Ungruntling.

Solution? All I have is "maybes". Maybe hang out with folks who are inherently upbeat and who aren't particularly impacted by governmental crap--or who have figured out how to deal with it. A key factor is to have at least one certified clown in the group who has a large supply of jokes and a warped sense of humor.

If you can't laugh at these idiots, you'll wind up drinking a bunch of beer, listening to Hank Williams' sad songs and committing suicide. :-)

My wrinkles come from grinnin', so I must have been doin' sumpthin' right...


theirritablearchitect said...

Happy to see you joining the club. :)

Seriously, take care. We wouldn't want our favorite mistress of snark to actually blow a gasket.

Aneurysm Tam isn't nearly as much fun.

Pedro the Ignorant said...

I feel your pain.

A good feed, some alcohol in moderation with good friends to yak with, and a day at the range will do wonders for the grumps.

A horse or motorcycle ride for an hour or two generally helps as well.


og said...

Could be your problems stem from looking things up on the internets

Brian Dale said...

You know this, but here's an acknowledgement: you're allowed to be cranky. You don't owe anybody a thing. At least this reader is grateful that you've spent so many hours over the past several years writing things that are well worth reading.

Paraphrasing Ivory Ocean's character (editor) to Fisher Stevens's (young writer) in a TV show years ago (Key West), "Hell, you ain't got no choice. You write because you have to." Not my business to inquire about that and I won't. I'll just mention that the quality of your writing suggests that doing it has been giving you something besides just an audience. Folks who develop mastery are typically people who get something out of their practice that's deeper than just what's immediately visible.

Take a break or do whatever else seems right to you. As the old grouchy lady wrote, "A is A;" I'm guessing that very few of your readers are noxious enough to ask you to keep going "because we neeeed you." Reflect on how life's going. Treat yourself to a massage. Here in the cold states, the approaching onset of winter always has me out of sorts for a while.

Treat yourself kindly.

og said...

Frankly, your snarky, bad mood blogposts are some of your best work.

OA said...

Too much yankee air and another impending Indiana winter.

Anonymous said...

get back home to the hills of TENN.!!! i find it helps me when i go back HOME! and enjoy the simple thngs in life. like sitting on the porch shooting soda cans with my 617 or bg pics posted abot 25 yds away. get out and relax! besides your much too pretty to be a grumpy gal.( and yes i have seen your picture.) you are pretty

freddyboomboom said...

I usually blame it on my brain cloud.

It usually flares up on days ending in the letter "y".

Anonymous said...


That fang-snapping t-Rex attitude is much relieved in my case, by doing something physical enough to make me breath hard, sweat, and have my heart pound for a minimum of twenty minutes -- twice a day.

The method is all y'r choice, but wif'out some endorphin burnin' stress relief, the impulse to hand someone their own head on a platter, is...welll...very appealing in an instant gratification sort of way.

Also, this blog thing is a steady job, no? And you work at it hard, what with reading, and shooting, and extensive 'Net diving for the reader's edification. As a sometimes 'lost in the electron-ether and loving to write' keyboard whanger, I'll tell ya flat out: the 'Net and it's news, and it's massive stupidities, and amazing enlightenments, and all the rest of the mental barnacles that cling to one in such immersion can cause considerable malaise.

In fact, there's abundant cyber-pathology that has not received recognition and research, just awaiting juicy grants for scrambling grad students to begin inventing names and prognoses for 'em.

A common one is just plain ol' depression. Not that you'd get depressed, mind you. But one can do a remarkable rendition of "Got's Dem Ol' Low-down Blues" after too much time reading, thinking, and writing about the State of the State of The Entire Known and Speculative Universe.

Don't spend much time on the 'Net anymore, but I consider your ruminations, links, excursions and alarums to be on the daily list of my required read.

Success is an iffy thing. Has it's goods and bads. I'm betting you'll figure y'r way thru it. Now go shoot something that reacts, soonest. ;~`)

J, t R

Retired Spook said...

I can be endlessly patient with dogs, horses, and small children who can't talk yet.

Anybody else who crosses me is simply taking their death wish for a walk.

Ritchie said...

I blame the Chinese. And Democrats.
And their permutations.

Gewehr98 said...

I was one mean sumbitch when unemployed (underemployed?)for those three months. It does one's psyche no good, that's for sure.

Haven't seen the level of TamSnark rise much above the usual baseline, but I'm not living near you to see what's going on on the other side of the screen, either. Best ask Bobbie what she notices as a roomie...