Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The infamy waltz.

The Freeholder critiques one of the ubiquitous bits of blood dancing clogging the intertubes this week.

I've personally been amused by these people who eagerly point out that, since owning a handgun doesn't make me bulletproof, I must be crazy (or criminal) to do so.


Joanna said...

The fire extinguisher in my kitchen doesn't make me fireproof -- which is precisely why I own it. I'd rather not die a horrible flaming death if I can help it.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have a tool to present an opposing argument than throwing myself to the mercies of the antagonist.

treefroggy said...

His bar graphs seem to indicate that there are no rapes in Chicago. Tough women there I guess.

Tam said...

Tough women or lousy police reporting procedures, one...

Given it's Daleyville, I'm gonna guess the latter.

Anonymous said...


Couldn't resist a verify like that one!!

OK, [subject] the problem with the non-factoid, void of logic, squelchy-
O'feely bunch appears to me to be flat out irremediable.

They will eventually out-breed us, regardless of our political commitment and legal actions. And their progeny will be pre-zombiefied, what with being raised by the communal village and all that tribal values biz, which presently seems to be working so well.

Increasingly, our nation seems to be growing into a sort of Tories vs the Continentals, with no real room anymore for one group or other. They will not allow us to live in well-armed peace and we will not just roll over and let them rub our tummies with platitudes.

From a historical perspective, one can wonder if it is the fate of all vigorous cultures to wind down into a puerile and senile pale ghostly parody of itself.

If that is so, the article and author confounded by fact at the link cited above, should oughta be well nigh transparent.

Actually, he is transparent, but the other transparencies apparently don't see it that way. And they continue to breed and vote and Strive to Rule Everything.

Goddamn the lot of them.

John -- the Red

Cossack in a Kilt said...

Every time I end up at TPM---and it's rare, o my brethren, it's rare indeed---I can feel the IQ points leaking out my ears and running down my jawline, like wax that's been overheated.

Anonymous said...

Red John,
If you look at much of the world's history (and I read a lot of Chinese history at one point), there were regime / government / dynasty changes about every 200 years.

We're past due.

B Woodman