Monday, March 01, 2010

Her lips must have been moving...

Lawmakers sometimes must enact policies that, even if unpopular at the moment, will help the public, Pelosi said in an interview being broadcast Sunday the ABC News program "This Week."
"We're not here just to self-perpetuate our service in Congress," she said. "We're here to do the job for the American people."
I think you meant "on", not "for", Madame Speaker.


BobG said...

I don't understand; what kind of mentally challenged idiots keep voting that lying, hypocritical old harpy into office? With that many awesomely stupid people in one spot, you'd think it would reach critical mass and blow up.

Michael said...

Bob, obviously you've never been to San Francisco. . . *sigh* we're all doomed. . .

reflectoscope said...

I'm here from the government, and I'm here to help...


Ed Foster said...

Nothing's changed. In 1776 we had a country that was one third Loyalist, fighting for large government and heavy taxes, one third Rebel, fighting for rational anarchy, and one third "Who looks strongest this week? Lets keep a Union Jack and a Stars and Stripes handy just in case".

Do you think the Healthcare bill can be worked up into a tea tax level brouhaha? Where the hell are those rabble rousing Adamses when you need them?

docjim505 said...

Snark aside, doesn't the noblesse oblige in San Fran Nan's little
explanation just make you sick? I'm sure that George III and his ministers felt exactly the same way about the Stamp Act, the Navigation Acts, etc, etc.

"It may be unpopular at the moment for General Gage's troops to sieze the militia's powder and arms, but We believe this policy will help Our subjects."

Geo. III Rex

Justthisguy said...

Heh. I said "on" first, over at Cap'n Lex's blog. Whatever. Great minds think alike.

Joel said...

What a joke - this broad is sitting in the safest seat on Congress, bravely calling on other congresscritters to risk their cushy jobs for The Cause. I hope they laughed her down so loud her eardrums still bleed.

staghounds said...

She's doing exactly what she promised, and exactly what most of her constituents want.

And it's not an equal three way split, any more than it was in 1782.

The rebels had FRANCE (backed up by Spain and Holland) as an ally.

The big government people have SUBSIDY (backed up by helpless dependency and the organised cultural life of the country)as an ally.

Bram said...

"...not here JUST to self-perpetuate our service..."
It certainly seems to be their primary objective.

Making something north of 50% of the public dependent on government generosity seems to be their method of accomplishing that objective.

Jay T said...

The sheep keep electing her. Sheeple are the biggest voting block and thus far they have done nothing to shed their group mentality.

Anonymous said...

This place doesn't run on "tea" anymore. It runs on "T", as in Taxes.

But then as now, it's about the money, and T is the only source of it, whatever name you slap on it.

Health is prong one of the trident that is being driven into the heart of free enterprise. Social Security and Medicaid make up prong two and of course debt is the final, enabling, and deadly barb. We are in real danger of handing over control (to the degree that we haven't already) to our creditors, and you know who they are.

The time is right for a new revolt, and the T party has the possibility of broad appeal to all political stripes, and those who eschew parties entirely, based on the simple message of Don't Tax Don't Spend.

There will always be a San Francisco, and there will always be Pelosi's. Take away their credit cards and they can't do much harm.

Al Terego

Mark Alger said...


The original TEA Party (back in the early '90s) took the name from the acronym for Taxed Enough Already.


theirritablearchitect said...

She really does believe that shit, too.

Shall we get with the building of the gallows?

I'll render my services for free.

Jeffro said...

When Madame Speaker's mouth moves, it stretches the skin on her neck. Below the back of her head.

jselvy said...

Irritable must not be a union carpenter.

It's too early for gallows, but can we have a go with tar and feathers?

Jenny said...

Like staghounds said.... she's only doing what she promised. How many people here would be pleased to see some right- or libertarian- leaning pols take a season in the wilderness if they managed to slash half the budget in the process?

As to "sheeple" - some are, no doubt. But most of those voting her I think are likely doing the same agonized dance from the other side. "She's a lizard sure, but she's not as bad as the other lizard on (the environment/gay rights/social justice/my pet issue)...."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mark Alger: "The original TEA Party (back in the early '90s) took the name from the acronym for Taxed Enough Already."

And THE original Tea Party had little to do with tea and everything to do with taxation as well. But both carry the impression of a one-time protest or event.

But the T in T-party stands alone, a movement singular in its meaning and its intent, non-partisan and nearly non-political. AT

Ed Foster said...

Staghounds has a legitimate point, one I was considering while I wrote. There isn't anybody sitting in the wings to bail us out.

But, after the essentially inevitable financial collapse, with government bonds worth about as much as Czarist shinplasters, government is stuck with not being able to borrow any more, and having to cut services drastically.

That won't be good for Pelosi's image among all the laid off school teachers and mid level bureaucrats.

Actually, it might be kind of fun to see reality smack those people in the chops. I wonder if they'll demand a special line for themselves at the soup kitchens?

It's against the law to print copies of Federal money, but not to print private specie fully backed by precious metals. Anybody want to chip in and start a money business?

In VietNam I used to get a premium for greenbacks from the Chinese merchants, because trading in their scrip every couple of months left them vulnerable to taxation and they wanted to salt away as much real travelling money as possible, to get out of Dodge before the gravy hit the fan.

I bet gold backed Certificates in reasonable denominations would generate a real premium from folks who didn't want wheelbarrows full of government funny money. A nice place to be sticky times.

Anonymous said...

Oh, there is *many* body sitting in the wings waiting to bail us out; they'll just be kicking the tires a little more before laying down their (insert monetary unit du jour). At what point are we so upside down that we're looking at foreclosure? That'll be up to the creditors, now won't it?

As for hard money, "Certificates", public and private, is what got us into this mess, and they're unnecessary. US minted precious metal coins are convenient and widely recognized and sought. 1964 and earlier 90% silver is traded right now at about 11 times face bread for a quarter or a steak for a dollar again. And pure silver and gold American Eagle coins come in tenth, quarter, half, and full ounce coins; you can carry a week's pay in silver easily in your pockets, and a quarter million in gold in a box the size and weight of a car battery.

Of course, whether it's foreigners mortgaging our grandkids' future or us hocking everything (except the guns) to buy gold, as Tam said in a related thread a month or so ago:

"Caveat Emptor, Baby!"

To which I can only add:

Caveat Venditor, too!