Saturday, March 06, 2010


My head hurts.

I'm strongly considering writing off this whole "getting out of bed" thing as a bad idea and just try again tomorrow.


og said...

A lot of that going around. Unfortunately I have a gig I gotta get to, so I don't have choices. Go back to bed and sleep in for me, if you can. it would help knowing SOMEONE is sleeping through this headache.

Christina LMT said...

Definitely stay where you are and take it easy. Feel better soon!

Rabbit said...

Sometimes you just have to say 'wtf' and reboot...

Brains are no different in that respect.


too much uptin, gotta reboot to clear zombie procs.


Ed Foster said...

Listen to Christina and Rabbit. They are wise.

Matt G said...

Working on some sort of drainage/sinus thing myself. Wake up with plans to visit the doc, feel good enough by afternoon to say "eh, forget it."

The cycle must end.