Sunday, January 08, 2012


Sorry, overslept.

Here's some stuff:
  • I see that Robb Allen's event will be going down as planned today.

  • Took the Boberg out on the range at CCA yesterday and ran through two mags each of RWS & PMC ball ammo & Winchester 147gr Ranger-T, as well as one mag apiece of Hornady 115gr +P Critical Defense and Federal Personal Defense 135gr Hydrashoks without seeing any bullet pulling, or any other problems, for that matter. Still very impressed with how mildly this tiny little pistol recoils, even when shooting full house defensive loads.

  • Weer'd suggests that we light a candle to stop violence today. Okay.

  • I had intended on neatly documenting the "2,000 Round Challenge" with my M&P 9, but since the magic number passed while shooting on the windswept prairie back in October, I just went ahead and cleaned the thing yesterday. That's several range trips, a 1,000-rd. trip to gun school, and a bunch of shooting at Blogorado that turned it into something closer to the "2,750 At Least (Because I Lost Count At Blogorado) Round Challenge". Still no malfs.


Anonymous said...

No pants?

Reminded me of a joke wife sent the other day:
What is the best birth control for those over 50?


ps. We haven't seen 50 for years.

the pawnbroker said...

Robb's pants might be going down but as for the event, he'll hafta take a cab; Tampa got no trains.

And geez, that pic you linked... Where's all the cute little XX tushies (chromosomes, not ratings you dirty bastards)?

Darrell said...

RWS FMJ is my favorite range ammo. Great stuff IMO. Walmart had it last year, rather pricey and it didn't sell. Then they put it on clearance at a great price and I bought it all. :D Since been buying it at Weapons World, IIRC. I think the Nobel 9mm is the same stuff.

Sport Pilot said...

I've enjoyed your comment's and observation's on the M&P 9, please continue with them.

Bubblehead Les. said...

After having shot Kead's M+P with the Apex mods, and hearing many other "Smart Shooters" talk about how they love it, I'm really hoping there's some extra cash from the Tax Refund to get one. It seems to be developing the "Energizer Bunny" rep: it just keeps going and going and going....

Anonymous said...

I enjoy my M&P. Mighty fine reliability.

Jeffrey Quick said...

Almost missed the candle in your picture!

Jennifer said...

Love to hear that the M&P passed the test. The only malfs mine has ever had were due to bad ammo. Even my 9 nine year old nice can shoot it without problems. But you already knew that ;)