Tuesday, January 24, 2012

QotD: Genie Out Of The Bottle Edition

The Adaptive Curmudgeon on the recent record-shattering spike in firearms sales:
It makes my Curmudgeonly heart swell with pride. Free citizens voluntarily plunking down their own cash to legally arm themselves to the teeth. I don’t care if it’s deer guns, plinkers, bird guns, cheap mil-surp, chromed cowboy wallhangers, pistols, rifles, shotguns, or even a metric ton of tiny derringers. Any gun in the hands of a free citizen is a good one. It’s good to do things that free citizens can do. Rights must be recognized or they’re just words in a book.
Darn right.


Bram said...

Hear, Hear!!

I also love it when they all bring their latest acquisitions to the range and make joyous sounds of freedom.

Anonymous said...

Amen!!!!! I keep saying it over and over - every gun sold is a victory for all of us. Every new shooter is an appreciation of freedom.

staghounds said...

Sacrament of Liberty.

Robert Fowler said...

Every gun sold is also a loss for the Bradyites. We will win.

The Raving Prophet said...

What's worse (for the Brady folk, that is) is that the number of people getting CCW permits is also increasing.

I haven't even been shooting for all that long (9 years now), but when I started, I remember people looking at me like an oddball for enjoying it. Now, when people find out I'm an enthusiast, they talk about what they shoot or what their plans may be to obtain a CCW permit.

It's quite the different world out there, and it's got to have the Sarah Bradys out there tearing their hair out by the roots.

jetaz said...

I had Jury Duty today, and more jurors were members of the NRA and associated organizations than weren't. We are winning.

Anonymous said...

Even if it's a Taurus Judge?


The Jack said...

So... that's something.

Sure, we've got it where Kobayashi/Maru 2012, and Master/Blaster 2012 would be far better than what we've got let alone deserve, but at least there's some good news.

Anonymous said...

Confirmed the zero on the AR15 this morning. Will exercise the beloved M1911A1 and the Compact .45 USP Thursday. After not shooting much over the past several years, I'm getting back into the groove.

The aroma of gunsmoke and Break-Free is quite wonderful. A little Hoppes #9 can be quite inspiring.

Americans buy guns because we can. Additionally, many of us are concerned about the way government has grown over the past 20 years or so. We know that governments prefer to deal with unarmed peasants.