Monday, January 02, 2012


The constant jihading and rioting and hijacking and assassinating Dutchmen is bad enough, but I've got to draw the line someplace, and that someplace is YouTube.

It's one thing to post your own videos where you're sawing some dude's head off while you're jumping up and down and jabbering "Allah this" and "Allah that" in your heathen tongue and high-fiving each other in the comments, but when you camel-buggering yahoos show up in other people's comments sections and type "CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS IS PIG ISLAM IS STRONGEST WE WILL RULE INSHALLAH", it's just annoying. Especially when the video was somebody's clip of their dog doing tricks in the back yard.

Cut it out, or I'll start voting for the first candidate to promise to bomb you people forward into the stone age on general principles.


Stranger said...

Given first that Egypt cannot feed itself and is trying to drive their best farmers out: That Libya is not much better able to provide itself with calories: And Iran seems determined to cut off the only source of foreign exchange most Islamic countries have: They may very well drive themselves back to the stone age.

While that would make for some tough times for those of us who have become dependent on mid-eastern oil; it would at least let the Greens see how it is to live in the energy free society they want.


Bryan Reavis said...

I object to the muhommadeans being called "heathens". They are most certainly not heathens, and it's insulting to those of us who are, to be lumped in with them.

Though I must agree, bombing them does sound like a good idea.

Anonymous said...

There's a reason that someone coined the term "the Religion of Perpetual Outrage" to describe the Islamists and their hangers-on.

You also start wondering if they have anything to do besides run internet searches for certain words so they can find new blogs to be outraged at.


Mark Alger said...

Why wait?

Bubblehead Les. said...

People with that attitude are already in the Stone Age. That's the Problem.

MSgt B said...

"forward into the stone age"

Matt G said...

A nice example of life in the monkeysphere, Tam.

John said...

Hey -- stoning, beheading, general chopping-slicing-judical removal of body parts, rape as a courtship gesture towards marriage instead of sending flowers, encouraging of weak-minded insecure individuals that they can end their miserable existence and step into an eternal sex life with innocent wiergens by killing mass quantities of innocent people, being one of that hardy mountaineer class of warrior that prefers raping boys to make men out out them, being one that class of holy teacher who rapes boys in residential schools to make men of them, and in general acting in the name of Anointed Justification to inflict Medieval Brutality as an Enlightered Religion --

Well, I can just see how that is so appealing and defensible to folks who just FEEL so unmanly and unfulfilled about their own life. I mean, what is better than hurting other folks, so the act makes you feel REALLY GOOD about YOU?. Nice, hunh?

J.R.Shirley said...

So, you know what sucks?

Being deployed to Afghanistan, and realizing that there's probably a higher chance of being raped by local nationals or third-country nationals or soldiers than seriously injured by the enemy...

I'm making sure all of my team members have small fixed blades.

the pawnbroker said...

So...that's one vote for Santorum.

What coulda/shoulda been done a decade (or two) ago?

NotClauswitz said...

Don't fret and feel so all-alone about the Muzzies - they were already like that back in '67 on the East coast of India.
In the curriculum of Madrassa School they teach the rhetoric of circular logic and blusterous calamitous outrage and injury - that's what allows them to set houses on fire and burn a girl's face with acid.
Anybody think this is all NEW stuff? They've been practicing at it since indefinitely when it started.