Sunday, January 08, 2012

Overheard in the car:

Me: "How long until pitchers and catchers report?"

Gunsmith Bob: "Well, it's January 8th, so... Seventy days or so? After the Bowl games and before Opening Day of baseball, there's a long dead spot in American sports."

Me: "Except for, you know, squeaky round ball and the Super Bowl..."

GB: "...and ice soccer."


The Jack said...

"Ice soccer"

Hah! As a hockey fan (Go Sabres!) I love it.

My vote for Gunsmith Bob's Internets.

Moogie P said...

Ice soccer. Heh.

Unknown said...

70 days?! The Mets batteries report in 43 days.

Anonymous said...

Squeaky round ball--a term which I will use for the entire rest of my life.

Do not taunt Squeaky Round Ball!

Mike James

Phil said...

"Ice soccer" is only fair if you refer to regular soccer as "grass hockey"

Also, The Jack: Darcy needs to go if this team is going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

haha ice soccer
check out the other stupid things people say at

My favourite is:

Guy: "I sold my iPhone beause 50% of people have one."

Friend: "Maybe you should sell your genitals too."

lol :)

Old NFO said...

Sigh... idjits all...

Tam said...

Bob is of the considered opinion that the only games worth watching on the telly are college football and major league baseball. ;)

Roberta X said...

What is the "sports" to which you refer? Freaks of nature?

Unknown said...

Agree on the college feetsball, but Tebow is fun.

And Nascar starts up at Daytona, come Speed Week. Plus Indy cars and F1.

perlhaqr said...

I'm pretty much of the opinion that the only sports worth watching on TV involve engines and wheels. The more of the latter the better. Motorcycle racing is cool, but semi-tractor racing is even better. :D

Bubblehead Les. said...

Ah, but it's a Summer Olympic Year, so be on the look out for the 100 Meter Steroid Dash Trials, the Tryouts for the Dutch Mountain Bike Team, the Non-Coverage of any Shooting Events and the overselling of Synchronized Swimming Tickets.

FWIW, the last one really DID happen.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

All so-called sports, including the Footie Ball with its concommittent Stupor Bowl, are simply distractions to keep people occupied during the baseball off-season.

Well, except maybe for Hoosiers Squeaky Round Ball. Which is like unto a religion in these here parts. Or at least in my living room. According to my wife.

Anonymous said...

In addition to NASCRAP the dirt trackers will be firing up in Florida, just before and after the Daytona 500. Farmer Frank has the good sense to love open wheel, dirt track, sprint cars, ask him. Don't care much about stick and ball games but the Denver/Pittsburg game was fun to watch. Larry Weeks

John said...

There is little of the modern TV sports that I find engaging. Most all of it just boring.

Yes, there are great moments in all of them, but they have reached such stratospheres of performance by such genetically-blessed superheros that I just don't relate them to real everyday life. Watching Sunday football at the house of a friend or relative is damn neat torture to be endured politely, for the sake of the relationship.

For me, about all that is left is hockey, as an authentic and real game. Go see first hand from a good seat. Even a farm team will bring home the athleticism and pure sustained exertion on the ice.

As a child, I listened to Red Wings hockey out of Detroit -- improbably enough on a crystal radio set shaped like a rocket ship [pre transistor years]. It was a few years before I actually saw a game at the local sports arena. Still like to LISTEN to hockey, but being there has been my best sports-viewing moments.

Oh, yeah; the same Dee-Troit stations carried the first MoTown songs, and those same groups used to show up at Saturday night YMCA dances to lip-synch the hits.

Archaic music and an archaic sport and revolvers and bolt-actions and side-by-sides and flintlocks -and liking it.

Whoops -- almost forgot -- women's TV basketball rocks, too. It reminds of real basketball rather than the super-human polish and power of the male Pro's.

Hey, short of the finer moments in the Olympics, TV sports are for the most part, a vast desert occupied by mass-culture brain failure. It's no wonder that the dumbing down of our culture has been so easily achieved, given the hours of possibly productive life sacrificed in passive sports worship given to the vacuum of blue screen.


Drang said...

While I come closer to Bobbi's position vis a vis sports than most in this comment thread, allow me to opine that
"ice soccer"=curling
hockey="ice rugby"

BGMiller said...

Gotta agree with Drang.

Futbol players tend to fall down in agony if an opposing player passes within a few meters.

Hockey players are the ones shouting at the doc to stitch faster so they don't miss their shift.

Besides, a hockey game is better value for the ticket price. You get the puck shuffling bit, a good fight or two, and the Zamboni(s). With futbol you just get an eternity of guy in weird shorts running around.

I'll save my rant against American rules football for another day.

Angus McThag said...

If I want to watch millionaires play, there are at least a dozen golf courses around here, not to mention the local yacht basin.

At least my way I don't also have to deal with fans.

NotClauswitz said...

The dimpled white ball is going off already. I like to practice my distance ranging.

NYEMT said...

"Professional sports" is a contradiction in terms.

Were it not for the thousands of NON-players/owners/coaches kept gainfully employed running venues, concessions, and other ancillary functions, the whole thing would have zero redeeming value whatsoever.