Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A weathervane can tell you only one thing...

I'm beginning to think that at least some in the Mainstream Media culture are secretly longing for Romney to win all the marbles.

Think about it: A fair number of the Barack Obama voters among them are probably feeling like kids who ordered Sea Monkeys out of the ad in the back of a comic book, only to find that, not only did they not do tricks or build castles in your aquarium, they didn't even look like the picture promised. What a rip!

Now they're sitting around remembering how much fun they had getting to dog on the president as rudely as they wanted to for eight years when the last guy was in office, as opposed to the current guy for whom they feel obligated to show at least tepid enthusiasm despite the fact that he's done worse at living up to expectations than a defective Chinese electronic toy at 4:47 on a Christmas afternoon.

Why, if Mitt got in, not only could they go back to kicking the POTUS like a stray dog, but he'd probably also not do any of the really awful things that those other GOP guys would do. It'd be the best of both worlds!


the pawnbroker said...

Kids and their toys, right?

And notwithstanding the inevitable letdown, the hype works and the sale is made...whether you're talking seamonkeys, rc cars, or potusi.

Whoever is really running this promo is a master at it; they sold the kiddies on defective brand O and many still don't want to take it to the returns desk. And the kids that do will get v.2 of the same damn thing in exchange.

The marketing arm of that outfit is f'ing brilliant.

mike s said...

I dunno... with Mitt, they're getting Obama Of A Different Color, so they'd have to GOP-bash while he's doing everything Obama would do. And they couldn't even blame the opposition on racism.

I think they'd go insane. Well, more insane.

(and the word verification is "excons")

Stuart the Viking said...

Down here in Florida, Mit has a TV ad where he talks about how the government spending more money that it takes in and borrowing the shortfall from China is immoral.

Until that ad, I had decided not to vote for him at all. Now I'm torn. I know it's all a lie, but damn, he couldn't have vocalized my beliefs any better if he had a direct link to my brain. In a way, I dislike him even more now.


Ken said...

Well, he didn't say he was actually gonna do anything about it, did he? ;-)

...still voting for the wookie. Whether he's on the ballot or not.

NotClauswitz said...

I think they might hope he wins just so they can stop following him and get back to the cocktail-circuit.

Stranger said...

Of course the "progressive" media wants Romney to win. They feel that gives the OH-Mayun the best chance of becoming a two term misleader. And if Romney does win, they think he will be out of sync with Congress and be a do little president.

Which is exactly what they want.


mikee said...

Vote the syphilitic camel, if necessary, to get Obama out of office. The camel may make a mess on the rug, but that's better than what the current Oval Office Occupant is doing there.

Old NFO said...

Romney is Obamalite... sigh

Buzz said...

Mittens would be Matthews' tinkle spot. Either DuhWon wins or his plastic-faced obverse.
He has a clear record of statism, but carries a Republican card, which is enough to disgust the public into returning the House to the demwits.

Not much is worse than congress controlled by the morons and the oval office wearing a Repub scarf. The crooks get to fund their great society plantations with public debt, while the President gets all the blame.

Anonymous said...

Dewey defeats Truman! Maybe not.

Romney, Obama. Obama, Romney. Romney is Obama.