Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A spot of wind.

We awoke to the sound of Roseholme Cottage being lashed by wind and rain and... large, solid things? The weatherman was on the TV, claiming it was 57°F in the pre-dawn darkness. Two days ago at this time, it was 19°F and there was snow on the ground.

A branch, presumably from the hackberry, thudded off the back wall. During a lull in the wind Bobbi peeked out the back door. "There's a pine branch on the ground out here!"

"Uh, okay," I mumbled in still-sleepy response.

"There's not a pine tree for two houses in any direction."

She's right. That's some wind.

UPDATE: Tornado warnings a couple counties south of here. In January. Temp's dropped five degrees already. My leg is going to be hurtin' something fierce today.


Robert said...

We had a tornado come by just a couple days ago down here in NC. Busted up quite a few homes.

Firehand said...

No tornadoes in OK, but it hit almost 70 yesterday, might be 40 today and 20 tonight. Then supposedly warming up after that.

And my knees are killing me, too.

Drang said...

Damn that Algore.

Still snowing here. Not a lot, back in MI we would have snickered at the thought it might inconvenience anyone, but I'm not in MI anymore...

DaddyBear said...

We got hit with two squall lines late this morning. Southern Indiana got hit bad, and there was a small tornado about 5 miles from our house. Other than a few small branches down in the yard and a trash can down and spilled across the driveway, we came out OK.