Friday, January 27, 2012

Go, Canada!

Obama, take note: In the immortal words of that visionary military genius, General "Buck" Turgidson, "Mr. President, we must not allow a spaceborne Lego figurine gap!"

Americans are going to be jittery about this, knowing that little thing is overhead, going "Beep, eh? Beep, eh?"

This is the chance to capture the imagination of a generation, Mr. President. You need to get out there and claim that we will put a Lego minifig on the moon by the end of the decade!

(H/T to Blunt Object.)


Keads said...

As long as there is no fighting in the War room, I cool with it.

bluesun said...

Thus proving that Canadian teenagers have a more interesting space program than the US Government.

Anonymous said...

I nominate this gentleman do build the first-stage booster:

Les Jones said...

I saw that on Petapixel and thought that would be a cool project to do with the kids.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Next thing you know, the Canucks will attack the Baldwins.

Jeff said...

Would the FAA let anyone here give it a shot?

Jeff said...

or DHS?

Woodman said...

"Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad"

DHS, TSA, FAA or any other Gov'mnt department let a couple people with those names send anything to space?


Our new enlightened post racial government would have a spaz attack trying to be racially sensitive about something that requires no more awareness of their race than whether or not they like cheeseburgers.

They would freak out, then they would freak out because they freaked out, then they would apologize, then they would realize that apologizing meant they were racist, then they would retract the apology and offer them a pigford settlement check, then they would fire someone and hire three more racial sensitivity trainers.

And finally they would decline to let them do it anyway because of environmental damage from possible Lego debris affecting polar bear habitats in Borneo. (OMG, it's too late, the Polar Bears aren't in Borneo!!!!)

Anonymous said...

This just in: Ron Paul has called for putting a Lego Moon Base on Kashyyyk.

He and Rand will be returning there after the Florida primary, so he'll just stop by the Super Wal-Mart in Titusville and buy one and put in on Kashyyyk.

Shootin' Buddy

John Peddie (Toronto) said...

Actually, it was just a test flight.

Now that it's a proven commodity, they're being rushed into production to populate Newt's Lunar Colony within the decade.

(I understand that the teens have claimed naming rights for the colony's capital city).

Anonymous said...

NASA Lite announced a plan to send Malibu Barbie in to low Earth orbit using 10,000,000 Estes rockets.

The original plan of using GI Joe was scrapped as sending a too militaristic message to the developing nations of the world.


Anonymous said...

Barbie in space eh?

Finally, we will get fashionable space suits that don't make the wearers look like the michelin man. (M. Bibendum en francais)

Also I'm certain they will be easier to put on and remove.

Old NFO said...

Gotta agree with the Woodman... And space doesn't fund ANY entitlement programs...

Kristophr said...

Jeff: You don't need clearance if you are in class E airspace ( no where near an airport ) and no one is aboard.

You might want to inform the FAA so that they can issue a NOTAM if needed.

BGMiller said...

They couldn't use a minifig with a space helmet?

And yes, that is the first thing that crossed my mind.


Stingray said...

Ferb, er, I mean, Spear, I know what we're gonna do this afternoon!

Thomas F said...

Pffffttt, they only managed an altitude of 24 kilometers, now if they managed 15 miles I'd be impressed....

Grayson said...

@ Bubblehead Les:

"..the Canucks will attack the Baldwins."

You type that like it's a BAD thing :)


WV: 'hagred'

I tried to put my hagred of the Baldwins into perspective, but in the end I decided that we should all just get a long gun.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to bluesun, Jeff and Woodman.

Thank heavens that the current federal government wasn't around at various crucial points in the past:

"Mr. Fulton, this is a cease and desist order from the Environmental Protection Agency. The carbon footprint of your boat is far too large, and you are hereby ordered to shut it down IMMEDIATELY."

[headline] Boston Dentist Jailed: 'Painless' Dentistry Dangerous, Says FDA

"Orville, the flight's off. Pack everything up. Some fellow from the Fish and Wildlife Service says that our machine is a menace to the birds and we'll go to prison if we try to fly it."


I am fond of the old Tom Swift stories. Contrast their vision of a healthy, all-American boy then with the vision of our youth today. Tom was an inventor and adventurer who was not at all shy about solving his troubles with Andy Foger with his fists. Now, American boys are expected to just be quiet in class until they turn eighteen, show up for school lunch, and tell the police if somebody says a bad word to them.


Thomas Smith said...

This is the highest step in The world.