Sunday, January 15, 2012

QotD: Primary Colors Edition

Sebastian is one of the least-wookie-suited gunbloggers I know. Oh, sure, he's got your basic libertarian streak common to the demographic, but he's quite comfortable with the Art of the Possible and has always been willing to get out there and work at the politics, with shoe leather and door knocking and phone calling (and it's sometimes tempting to think that, were more of my wookie-suited brethren as willing to do the grunt work, America would look more like the setting of an L. Neil Smith novel and less like one by Orwell...) so when even Sebastian looks at the GOP field and sighs...
What a disappointing primary. I thought it couldn’t get worse after 2008, and it turns out I was wrong. When Ron Paul starts looking like a reasonable choice, things have seriously gone off the rails.
...then it says a mouthful.


Marcus said...

Funny, I was just saying that very same thing during a phone conversation yesterday.

We are doomed.

Gladorn said...

I have been rather disappointed in whom is in the Republican field. I just keep watching the debates and primaries and all I can think of is "Four more years of Obama."

However, I would like to state that my wife is very liberal leaning. Oddly enough she is becoming a big Romney fan. Of the entire field, he is the one I like the least. (Romneycare anyone?) That in and of itself give me a small glimmer of hope, but a really big headache.

Panamared said...

The one thing that keeps me fighting for whomever the Republicans nominate is coat tales. The President may push in whatever direction he wants, but if the House, and Senate don't follow we have a chance of stopping further decline, and possibly reversing recent legislation. If Obama is reelected there is no hope of change.

Kevin said...

Yup. I'm THIS close to supporting the wookie.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

These are the Crazy Years.

Bubblehead Les. said...

LOOOONG way to November. Be patient, I'm sure that by then, every thing will be Well in Hand, and Barack will go down in Flames.

Now, how many shares of the Brooklyn Bridge Company did you want to purchase?

Anonymous said...

I disagree, if the Exec and Leg branches are in gridlock no new laws can be made. Fewer laws - slower loss of liberty.

mikee said...

This is not an election FOR any Republican, it is an election AGAINST Obama and all for which he stands.

Vote Syphilitic Camel, if that is the choice, against Obama.

OtherWhiteMatt said...

I think its disappointing that that thought can be had. Had the party not fell in love with war and choose Ron Paul sooner, we wouldn't be so disappointing.

mariner said...

"This is not an election FOR any Republican, it is an election AGAINST Obama and all for which he stands."

The problem is that a vote for Romney is a vote for a lot of the same things Obama stands for, combined with a vote for things big-government Republicans stand for.

Anonymous said...

It is important that we have an actual conservative party-something the Republicans seem unwilling to give us. That seems to me to be the big issue here. Obama v Romney is ephemera.

Justthisguy said...

I am _so_ tired of turning in a mostly-blank ballot every time I go to the polls. Sigh! That's what happens when you vote your conscience these days.

Sebastian said...

One point that might have been lost on some of my commenters:

I fully expect that by the time the PA Primary rolls around, sometime in the mid 23rd century, my choice is likely going to be between Rick and Mitt. I may be willing to go Wookie if Wookie is around, but I'm not optimistic....

And if my choice is between Mitt and Rick... I'll go Mitt. I have actually not read Rick Santorum's book, but a friend of mine who is a bit more socially conservative than I has read it, and explained to me some aspects of his philosophy that made even my more SoCo friend say "I will never vote for this man, ever again."

Brock Townsend said...

Ron Paul is the only choice, unless you wish to invade more countries, until Blow Back gets really bad.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is an unserious opportunist, who has made use of his nominal party as a 'flag of convenience' (please remember he endorsed Cynthia McKinney in 2008--a worse buddy effer than even John McCain), his pet followers as a reliable source of ready cash, and whose foreign and defense policy makes good sense for the age of musketry, horse cavalry, and fighting sail.

I've got more, but you might actually be an alright guy, Brock, your exquisite fetish notwithstanding, and I better give some thought to not abusing Tam's hospitality.

I'm voting against Dear Reader no matter what, which means I might end up voting for You-Know-Who, should it come to that, forgive me O Lord. I'll give your guy this much, I'm fairly certain he has not nearly as many clever plans for my life as America's Historic First, And Last, Black President.

In that eventuality, you and I would have at least one thing in common.

Mike James

Spud said...

At least Ron Paul has thoughts on how to reduce the budget def. Don't here much from the others besides let's make the poor pay. That's like sending those whom have no ammo to the front lines.....

fast richard said...

It looks like the Republicans are desperately searching for a candidate who is capable of losing to a failed president who makes Warren Harding look honest.

Brock Townsend said...

The neo-cons won't be happy until they have a war going in each country, of course they won't be leading.

"War Is A Racket" Video USMC General Smedley Butler

Here richly, with ridiculous display,
The Politician’s corpse was laid away.
While all of his acquaintances sneered and slanged, I wept:
For I had longed to see him hanged.
--Hilaire Belloc

Anonymous said...

Well yes, Brock, you've fingered us. We who disagree with you are knaves with base motives.

This is me being patient with Brock--

Would you be interested to learn why many people might not have Ron Paul as their first choice to go forth and do battle with the Democrats?

It's only partially because people are leery about some of the things he considers to be suitable to state out loud, although some of those can be real dillies.

No, the main problem is because of just about every last thing every man jack of you think is acceptable to utter where someone can hear you, the example you've thoughtfully provided above being completely typical.

Who exactly were you expecting to persuade with , anyway? How old are you? And now we arrive at my nightmare if lightning strikes and Old Unmentionable captures the nomination.

You guys. The Ronulans. You'll have a nationwide orgasm which can be heard in the middle of the Mojave Desert, and then get to work campaigning for the Republican nominee. You'll knock on doors, you'll set up and man table at malls and supermarkets, and you'll sit in church basements and make phone calls.

You'll work your asses off, because the time has come, this is the moment! You'll talk about Ron Paul. You'll talk and talk about him, the only way you guys ever talk about him, and you'll do what you all do best--

You'll fuck up Ron Paul's chances. You'll be off-putting and alienating, you'll ascribe the worst motives to the smallest, most hesitant disagreement, and when you're done talking to given individual they will hang up the phone, or close their front door, or walk away looking over their shoulder at you in case you are following them, and decide that, hell, they're still alive and kicking after four years of Obama, it can't be that bad, and might even vote 'D' on the names down-ticket.

That's my nightmare. Because all you guys that say you loves you some Ron Paul just cannot restrain yourselves from showing up places and, you know, talking about him.

Show the country some mercy, please, and start using some judgement.

Tam, if I've been out of line in your house, please forgive me.

Mike James