Sunday, January 29, 2012

Guns, lots of guns.

When I was younger, I worked briefly in the seafood department of a grocery store. Come break time, it was always easier, and practically as cheap, to steam up a mess of shrimp as it was to go get in the car and get some fast food for lunch. Did you know you can get heartily sick of shrimp?

Once upon a time, I really, really, really liked guns. There were guns I wanted soooo bad: I remember when getting a Spectre, or a P7M8, or a Mateba Unica-6 was the highlight of my whole month. I fear I've burned myself out a bit: the Specter was as useless as training wheels on a jumbo jet, the HK was hard to find leather for, the Mateba was a pain in the butt to clean...

There's nothing that really lights my fuse like that anymore. Oh, sure, I usually find something of interest at a gun show, but a lot of the thrill is gone.

There are still a few guns, though, that pique my interest enough that if somebody handed me the winning lotto ticket, I'd try to find one for the collection. Robb Allen asked "What would you get if you could get any five guns, cost and practicality be hanged?" Good question. So in no particular order, here's the answer:
  • M1868 Papal States Remington:
    Because if the dead rise and walk the earth in search of human brains, there's nothing better with which to put them back into the hereafter than a rifle with the Keys of St. Peter stamped right into the receiver, no matter what Hornady may state to the contrary. Too bad the 12.7x45R cartridge is a handloader-only proposition these days; maybe we can get them to do a run of Z-Max, just in case.

  • Webley Mars Pistol:
    Because it's cool. Ammo is completely unavailable, but you don't even need to shoot it: You can go on at length about Sir Gabbet-Fairfax's long-recoil pistol that drew the cartridges rearward from the magazine and fired a bottlenecked .45 that was the most powerful handgun cartridge around until the hot .357 Magnum barely edged it out, and the ejection pattern would... and your assailant will be bored to death. Like the Webley-Fosbery semiauto revolver, this thing's practically a Trivial Pursuit answer in solid steel.

  • Russian military contract Winchester M1895:
    A box-magazine-fed, Browning-designed, fully-stocked, 7.62x54R Winchester levergun with a bayonet lug that may have been used to shoot Bolsheviks in Russia and Fascists in Spain. What's not to like?

  • Mauser M712 "Schnellfeuer":
    If you don't at least kinda want one of these, I'm not sure we can be friends anymore.

  • Swedish m/35 LMG:
    It's a Browning BAR with a finned quick-change barrel and it's chambered in 6.5x55 and it's about dead sexy.
Most of those are pretty much fantasyland, for fiscal reasons if nothing else, but I figure I actually have a shot at the M1895 and/or the Pope Gun someday...

How 'bout y'all? What are your five?


Montie said...

I hafta say, I kind of like your list. My C/96 is kind of a semi-auto stand-in for the Scnellfeuer that I've always wanted. I will have to give additional entries some thought though.

Wayne said...

One of these

Erin Palette said...

I'm still early enough in my gun-collecting career that all my vishlists are practical ("I wish I could afford to spend $500 for a pistol") rather than fantastic.

About the most hoo-hah I'm likely to get is coveting the Alaskan Co-Pilot, although even if I could afford the gun I'm sure that the ammunition would render me a pauper.

Roberta X said...

...Both flavors of Webely-Fosbery, a Colt Service Ace .22, a Broomhandle Mauser, and...actually, your Remington .32 Auto.

Gak. Not a real rara avis in the lot.

My theory on the Gabbet-Fairfax Mars: a malefactor accosts you, you hand him the thing, instructing, "My good man, if you're so tough, shoot me with this!" He misses (due to the dire handling of the thing), the heavy spent brass hits him square in the forehead and knocks him out, and you pick up the gun by the slide and beat him to death with it. Totally impractical for a military weapon, of course: not only does it take too long to hammer the enemy to death with such a small, odd-shaped club, it's undignified and uncivilized. People would talk. Also the machine-gunners would pick you off while you were so occupied.

Tam said...

If I find a Remington in .32, you can have my 51, since it's a .380. :)

Lanius said...

Walther WA2000
Slostin Minigun
China Lake Grenade Launcher Gerasimenko VAG-73*( a Soviet pistol firing caseless rounds, 48 in magazine)
H&K G11


Reno Sepulveda said...

Win the lotto, retire in a gun friendly state and go hog wild.

Get supressors for my Buckmark and AR15 then...

1. 2 or 3 Glock 19s
2. CZ 452 Scout
3. Remington 1100 Tactical
4. USFA John Wayne 100th birthday peacmaker

USCitizen said...

1. M1 Garand (Winchester), 30-06 Springfield
2. M1 Carbine, .30 Carbine
3. M1 Thompson Sub machine gun, .45 ACP
4. M1A Springfield, .308 Win
5. M82A1 Barrett, .50 BMG

Oops, I already have those!

If money were truly no object, I may swap the Carbine for an M1 Abrams!

David said...

1. A Gatling gun.
2. Broom-handled Mauser.
3. Browning 30 cal m1919 machine gun.
4. American-180 submachine gun.
5. Thompson submachine gun

Am I sensing a trend towards high rate of fire and "not allowed to own" kind of firearms here?

Side note: My Dad had a chance to get two broomhandled Mausers in the early '50s for $15 each. He spent the $25 he had at the time on an 1873 Springfield trapdoor 45-70 instead. He is still kicking himself for not borrowing $30 from his father and buying all three. But I don't hold it against him as he let me have the 45-70 when I graduated from college.

Mike said...

M3-A1 grease gun
and this

plus a couple of others that are right now undefined.

But definitely the Coonan .41


Kristophr said...

An FG42, both variations.

A Dardick, pistol and a carbine, with ammo.

A Gyrojet, both the pistol, and the carbine, with ammo.

A Johnson LMG.

An American 180 security briefcase.

and I'm adding a sixth because I'm greedy :

An M3 infra-red sniper rifle.

bluesun said...

Tam, the best part of your list over any others I've seen is the wide wiiiiiide variety in where your links go to. Not just Wikipedia here, no, but to all sorts of neat different places!

Montie said...

Dang, all these people who are listing Broomhandles as wish list guns makes me think I should market my C/96 here on VFTP!

Oh, and Tam...really? I happen to have a Model 51 in .32 in about the same "shooter" shape as yours (hint, hint).

The only gun I really lust for in a fantasy sort of way (provided I hit the lottery) would be a German WWI experimental externally powered Gatling-gun, the Fokker-Leimberger. If any still exist. Think 7.92x57mm caliber, 12 barrels, and 7000+ rpm rate of fire!

Anonymous said...

If you get a chance you 712 would be interesting.

years ago I bought a Chinese clone with detachable magazine that would go full auto when you pulled the trigger. The first time I was quite surprised. The second time it was a lot more fun. After that, back to the dealer for a trade in.

Kind of regret not keeping it and figuring out how to fix it. Those box magazines were sure easy to load.

Mad Saint Jack said...

Winning the lottery is the only way I could afford to feed a .357 Sig.
I want the Sig 239, and a 6" Glock converted over.

Long Lee Enfield (Ok all Enfields.)

12 ga AOW that feeds the Aguila mini-shells.

If money was no object I might get my Taurus 905IB to work.

Mad Saint Jack said...

And a Galil Sniper...

And an Uzi Pro (Glock mags)...

And a S&W No. 3 Russian...

Nylarthotep said...

1) Fallschirmjägergewehr 42
2) Winchester 1895 russian contract
3) M1918 BAR
4) M1941 Johnson Light Machine Gun
5) Napoleonic era Baker Rifle

Not dreaming the biggest, but I'd just love to be able shoot and have these.

After that there's the Webley Scott and the Webley Forsbury.

Colorado Joe said...

A Blaser R93 Professional with two barrels. Long Bull 7mm Rem. Mag. for "Reach" and Short Bull 416 Rem. Mag. for "make it stop NOW", QD Mounts with suitable Khales glass on both barrels.

A hand built 1911, al la Tam's, where you actually go to the place where it's made, specify every piece, and then take delivery from the people who turned the chips.

A nice 20ga. SS double with English style stocks, single selective trigger, selective ejectors, and fixed chokes (=lighter barrels). A Beretta Silver Hawk would do nicely, or better still having back the Browning BSS I sold 15 years ago like an IDIOT!!!

95% or better Mauser Broomhandle in 9mm with stock holster and all accessories / matching numbers.

LMT MRP platform .308 AR (see 1911 above re: assembly) with US Optics and Gen IV NV in tandem QD mounts on the rail = DZAR
(Designated Zombie Apocolypse Rifle).

Too many toys left off this list, suggest next survey should be "top 50" or "Contents of Supplemental Gun Safe #__.

Texas Sean said...

My tastes are utilitarian in comparison to a lot of the list, Tam's most certainly; I'd like a nice Steyr AUG, 14" barrel, please, just because. I'd like a 5" lug barrel Ruger GP100 stainless .357 Mag (passed one up, kick self often). I'd like a Rock River dedicated 9mm AR SBR (I know, I know, really, I know) with a Surefire and a nice reflex sight an BUIS. I'd like a really top of the line, Marine armory tuned .308 semi-auto AR platformed super shooter, reach out and touch many someones, for my wife and last but not least, I'd like a Ruger PC9 type carbine that I can slap my SR9 mags into. Told you it was a crap list!

Anonymous said...

1. M2
2. Mannlicher-Schoenauer 1903 Carbine.
3. Mauser 98
4. Fabbri Over/Under
5.A second M2

Casey M. said...

Remington Model 53 -
The .45 ACP version of Pedersen's elegant Model 51 that never caught on with the military. One can only imagine what the current gun market would be like if this had supplanted the 1911.

M79 Grenade Launcher -
I'm pretty sure this one needs no explanation.

Holland & Holland .458 Bolt-Action Magazine Rifle -
Never been a hunter, but part of me always wanted to go bag some enormous and pissed-off animal on an old-school safari. Or a dinosaur.

Special Operations Weapon-
A Remington 870 fitted with a kit that turned it into a blow-forward-operated full auto shotgun fed from a 20rd box mag. Um... yeah.

Stoner Model 63 -
The old-school gun-as-a-Transformer

Runner-up would be the MP40 with curved barrel attachment for shooting 'round corners, and an M1903 Mk I, M1917 Enfield, AND ... (gasp) Remington Mosin-Nagant M1916 with their respective Pedersen Devices.

John said...

Gads...reading all of the above was like jumping into a warm bath of gun-gasmic salts. Soooooo satisfying to marinate in such distilled and rarefied wishes. Like ny chessies, if it's really good -- roll in it until the scent is indelible. I reek of blued steel and oil and cordite and black powder and ...

Gimme it allll. henh...henh... LOL and Rotflmao

the pawnbroker said...

Not a list I was expecting to see the name Glock listed on, then Reno wants a whole brace of 'em!

Can't say one would show up on my list of most desired, but probably would on a list of survival tools.

Which brings me to Tam's post on the Glock book the other day. I haven't read it, but commented on my own experience as a dealer as to their dead brilliant marketing and methods.

Then today, of all places on NPR, there's an interview with the writer Mr. Barrett. He came across as a genuinely non-judgemental, even admiring, historian and story teller...he confirmed some of my experiential data, and his conclusions at the end were music to hear; I was surprised that some of it made it to air. And the interviewer didn't play interferer too much, excepting a few innocently incredulous comments indicative of someone who has been innoculated in the ways and line of the nanny state.

Anyway, here's the link, it's worth a listen.

Anonymous said...

1. an early, pre-war radom 2. uzi smg 3. WW1 springfield armory M1911 4. M1895 winchester carbine in .30-40 5. No.4T sniper w/box and gear.

Ed Foster said...

Kulsprutegevaer: Assuming that's the same thing as my rusty German would realize as Kugelspritzengewere, it would mean bullet squirting rifle. Cute.

Lately, I'm been struck with the same ennui in re firearms. I don't pick up much in the way of gen mags except the Shotgun News, because I have spent several thousand hours a year fiddling with them for a living.

And Shotgun News only to see who's cheating who on prices, something to snark and snort about over a beer when talking shop with the boys.

Still, five more for the collection, price be damned?

Spencer carbine in 56-52. The soul of frontire cool, every cavalryman's wet dream.

Remington-Lee in 45-70. Or maybe 30-40 Krag. I think they even made some in .303 Brit at the end, so maybe... Just because, and to bust the stones of an English buddy of mine (See Chris, we really invented it in Bridgeport).

A .55 Boys AT rifle, or the Mauser equivalent. Lots of noise, and a bit more funk than most modern .50 BMG rifles.

One of those wierd Danish bolt guns in 30-06 the kids were making in the early 1950's. Space-age muzzle break and a Mannlicher type handle. Funny stock for a military weapon. Had one in brand new once and sold it for cost to a Scandihoovian friend. Again, just because.

Thinking about the Boys has me remembering the 20mm Lahti on skis that sat in the local gunshop window for years. What a massive chunk of all milled forgings and total funk. I read once that they used them to pop sentries and snipers out to 1500 meters.

O.K., maybe the Lahti is a tad over the top. Perhaps an early Hatfield double barrel 20 gauge with a cherry stock. Tried one once and almost rotted with envy.

perlhaqr said...

All sorts of things that don't exist yet. :)

CZ-52 in 10mm.

That awesome 1911 / 1910 Colt Hammerless one off, again in 10mm. (Hey, why not?)

Because I love Cowboy Logistics, an 1894 in 10mm. :P (Yes, I'm a nut. Whatever.)

An Anzio Ironworks 20mm. (Twice as good as 10mm, or does the awesomeness go up as the square of the caliber?)

An Accuracy International AWM in .338 Lapua. The Elk would never see it coming.

Frank W. James said...

Tam: At one time I HAD a Carl Gustav BAR, but mine was the first model without the quick change barrel and while it's original caliber was 6.5 it was rebarreled with a 1918A2 barrel set and worked perfectly in 'thirty-ought-six'. Neat gun and the only MG I wish I still had.

I was going to ignore this meme, but now you've done it and I will post tomorrow at my place my 5, but they will be obscure and identifible at the same time...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Lergnom said...

Kristopher beat me to the Dardick and Gyrojet, so I'll have to go with:
1. An Atchisson AA-12 with stick and drum mags.
2. A late Gatling in .30-06
3. A 20mm Solothurn
4. A Medusa Model 47
5. A stainless lever-action carbine in .41 magnum

Anonymous said...

sadly enough i can't think of anything...
i was able to acquire everything i ever wanted, and sold or traded it all away over the years...
i now have 2 guns left that meet all my needs; an H&K P2000 LEM 40 and a mossberg 590 GR...
i can't improve on those 2 pieces...
its sad really, my reference books took up a whole bedroom all by themselves...
tam would kill to get her hands on those except that i sold them all about 7-8 years ago...
it was fun while it lasted...
now i can't even think of anything i would want badly enough to go through all the paperwork and hassle...

Anonymous said...

1. Springfield 30-06
2. Garand 30-06
3. 1858 Remington revolver
4. Kentucky Rifle, either custom made for me or a real antique
5. Working Star Trek Phaser with damasked grips.

Ulises from CA

Tam said...

Anon 7:03,

"its sad really, my reference books took up a whole bedroom all by themselves...
tam would kill to get her hands on those except that i sold them all about 7-8 years ago...

Doubtful. I'm pretty good on firearms and reference books, thanks. :)

Lewis said...

Tam don't kill . . . for things.

Anyway, my five?

6.5x54mm Mannlicher Schonauer. I've read "The Short Happy Life" too many times.

Honey Badger, 300 AAC Blackout

Brown Bess

Thompson/Center Patriot, any caliber

Savage 99 in .250-3000

Firehand said...

A Holland & Holland double, in .470NE of course.

S&W K32

BAR, that Swede honey would do just fine

Lahti 20mm

Barret M82
Of course, I could choose to substitute a M2 Browning(or at least one of those downsized models that fires .22), or a Dragunov, or a DeLisle...

Anonymous said...

It's time a Russian 1895 was made.


Ruzhyo said...

1) Colt New Service in 44 Special
2) Lanchester Submachine gun
3) Delisle Carbine
4) Spencer Model 1865 Carbine
5) Joshua Graham's Custom 1911 (Colt New Agent?) from Fallout: New Vegas [fictional things being impractical to want]

Josh (BOM) said...

1. USP9 compact, stainless slide, LEM.
2. Springfield Professional Model.
3. MP5/10 with single, two round burst, and full.
4. MSG 90
5. A 240 Bravo, with the short barrel.

Mark said...

Does it count when you have a couple of your top five already? I got my M1 Garand, and my PPK/S already. Do I need to add two more to the list?

What am I thinking?! Of course I do!!

Vaarok said...

I heartily endorse the Winchester. In my neat-guns, it's probably the shooting-est and funnest.

Then again, the Enfauser and Mannlicher Schonauer are more display pieces anyway.

Chas S. Clifton said...

All I know about arms of the Spanish Civil War is George Orwell's comment that his Spanish Republican companions were armed with a motley collection of poorly maintained weapons. So is that

1. Spanish anarchists take poor care of their rifles, or

2. The Communists snaffled all the good stuff, like lever-action Winchesters? (Cf. Spanish gold.)

Peter said...

My reply's too long to put it here, so I posted it on my blog:

I had a lot of fun with this one!

global village idiot said... goes.

1) Maxim machine gun, German variant (Sov will do in a pinch
2) DP 28
3) Girandoni air rifle, but only on the condition that it went back into modern production
4) Alvin York's service rifle, if only to finally settle the age old question - '03 or Eddystone?
5) Anything from Purdy's

Would you believe a C96 was my first "carry" sidearm? Honest - I used an Uncle Mike's vertical shoulder rig originally meant for large revolvers.

Got it back when you could get 'em for $125 from a guy in Shotgun News. Worked "okay." Need to get it rebored to 9mm. It is completely shot out - the only way you'd know the barrel was rifled was if you'd read a manual that told you they were.

I was Steampunk before Steampunk was cool, y'all!


Justthisguy said...

My five:

Walker Colt

Mark I Bren

Colt-Browning potato-digger

Lewis gun, in .30-06

Mauser Broomhandle with untraceable serial number. (Hey, the factory was destroyed in the War.)

If I may be allowed to commission new manufacture, I also want me a Ferguson breechloading flintlock. That is such a nerd's piece!

Drang said...


Anonymous said...

1. I'd buy back the PPK/s I traded for something else because
A. It wouldn't work right even after Pachmayr worked on it.
B. Because it was the first not-a- revolver I bought about 1968.
C. I'd have enough left over to send it to Cylinder & Slide.

2. A fancied up Colt LW Commander to accompany the GC and OACP.

3. A short throw lever action in 44 mag.

4. Two new safes.

5. 20k rounds in 380, 38 target & +p mix, 357, 45, 44mag, and 223. 50k rounds 22.

I know what you mean about burn out. Last week I visited the LGS three times to fondle a Ruger Hunter 6 7/8 barrel. I've already got two MKII Standards and two MKIII 22/45s, so I have decided to pass.

Might spread some bread on CT grips for eight or ten handguns and good glass on a few favorite long guns.

Oh, and a new house with a berms at 25, 50, and 100 yards and a rocking chair to shoot stuff from the back porch. And a pony. And a workshop for my own private gunsmith.

Other than that nothing. Maybe a gun bearer to hump and unhump my gear from the gun safe to hand. The gun bearer can use the pony as a beast of burden when needed.

My needs are simple.

Joe in PNG said...

My list of guns that only exist in science fiction, but would be cool to have:
1) Bowcaster (to go with the wookie suit)
2) Motie Xray laser
3) Corriea Tech Combat Wombat
4) FORCE Standard Assult Rifle (projectile, laser, CPB...)
5) Pocket Phaser (like on Star Trek)

libertyman said...

1. Colt 1921 Thompson
2. Bullard large frame lever action rifle
3. Springfield 1816 Flintlock
4. American eagle Luger in 9mm
5. BAR

But I didn't know about the Swedish guns you mentioned, I like the 6.5x55.

Thomas Smith said...

Gyrojet Pistol
Gyrojet Rifle
McMillan 50BMG benchrest (Hooray! I can afford ammo now)
RPG7 and a crate of shells, much fun at the junk yard.
And a 6.5 swede w matching #s to replace the one I foolishly sold in my youth.

staghounds said...

Surprised no one has mentioned a Bang or Mondragon.

Most of my five are listed by others, but I'd also like a full on Boutet garniture, a Schwarzlose Standard, a Borchardt, and a Benet-Mercier.

And if they ever existed, a Clair.

Boat Guy said...

Late to the party as usual...
1. M79. I'd even be willing to get a Fed DD ticket for one. My favorite individual "long gun" from the days when I actually led people in ops.
2. Ma Deuce. Preferably in a ring mount on a Deuce-and-a-Half to tow the
3. M1A1 105mm howitzer
4. BAR - of ANY type
5. 4" Python

staghounds said...

I've actually handled a Mars, it was no pocket gun but at the same time did feel good in the fist.

Funny that almost everyone's list has something on it that is well within range of actual possession, with a bit of austerity/little extra part time work.

Make it happen!

And it's funny, with all the hundreds of thousands of Rolling Blocks ever made, how rarely one actually sees one!

Weer'd Beard said...

I may need to bust out my camera tonight. I have a Westinghouse M1891 with a US Krag-style bayonet lug clamped around the forend that probably found itself into Russia one one of those M1895s.

Tim Ellwood said...

1. a Welrod (no idea why)
2. a Auto Mag in 22 lmp ( had a 44, wish I still did)
3. High Standard model 10A 12 gauge ( had a bunch, divorce got the lot)
4. a Rigby s/s double in 505 Gibbs or 416 Rigby
5. a Broomhandle Mauser large ring pistol carbine

Pakkinpoppa said...

Back when they were black with a little plug in the end, I had a 712 Mauser cap gun, but the bud I had gotten it from had lost the magazine. I retrofitted a Tic Tac box with electrical tape to stand in for it. The only reason he parted with it was because the internal mechanism had broken making it not fire caps. And, since caps were usually fired off fast as possible, "war" was usually played by screaming "BANG!" at one another.

Have wanted one since I was 10, in other words.

A Lahti 20 millimeter for varmints that happen to be driving vehicles.

An L4 Bren gun with about 50 magazines and 10 barrels.

A mountain of ammunition (literally, I want a whole mountain of ammunition)

And on to movie guns...a Plasma rifle, of course, and the Mini 14 bullpups from Total Recall (as, once picked up, they had a mysterious source for ammunition I recall).




Anonymous said...

My number 1 gun is of my design, Patent 6,079,138. bullpup delayed blowback with 2 magazines, and downward ejection path. Quick change barrel permits use of 7.62x51, 5.56x45, or .45 ACP

My number 2 gun would be of my design, a light weight delayed long recoil heavy machine gun in 12.7x99

My number 3 would be a pistol of my design that accepts dual magazines, and switches to the full side when the follower reaches the top.

My number 4 would be a 120mm mortar with a feature that adjusts muzzle velocity, permitting automatic loading with fixed ammunition. Not really suitable as a BarBque gun, but perhaps useful for a mortar vehicle with an automatic loader.

Lergnom said...

Hey! Nobody mentioned 2- and 4-bore double rifles. Can I trade off one of my choices?

Don M said...

I would like

1. A .44 Army cap and ball
2. A Springfield with the 'roll of caps" primer
3. A 3 inch mountain howitzer
4. A .36 pocket cap and ball revolver.

WV: fulomall- what you get after too much time walking the mall.

James family outpost, Iowa. said...

I did quite enjoy reading this comment section. Okay then:
1. A minty, original S&W Triple Lock 44 Special.
2. Blaser K95 Baronesse Stutzen mannlicher stock, .243
3. Glock 18-C with a pickup truck full of ammo.(Not legal here in Iowa, never mind NFA)
4. An original Colt AR-15 A1 tri-oval hand guard etc. Hey, I can actually afford one of these.
5. A suppressed AR in 300 whisper (Suppressors not legal here in Iowa)

NotClauswitz said...

On a Theme - my Finnish friend said of the Suomi, "She purred against my cheek like a cat. Then they took her away from me and gave me a frigid-pos-ak47-copy assault rifle, bastards." S-s-so yes one of those.
And I lurves me some m/35 Swedish 6.5x55 BAR - and such needs a sidearm, so either a Norgy 11.25 contract 1911 or the Skandiloopian Browning patent Husqvarna m/1907.
And a Ljungman,AG42B just so I can sing the YMCA song:
Ljungman, A-G-42-B!,
I said Ljungman, she's a 6.5 sweetie,
I said, young man, 'cause you need a good gun,
It's fun to shoot the A-G-42-B!

Or sometjhing...

Ed Foster said...

Weer'd Beard, it sounds like you have a Connecticut National Guard 1917 Moisin-Nagant! All the other stuff went to France, and they bought a bunch of Czarist '91's from Remington for, I believe, $1.35 each to use as trainers.

If it's like the only other one I have ever seen, it's about brand new and has a tan canvas sling.

I have lots of stuff to trade. Can we talk?

Anonymous said...

I know a Finn that uses an 1895 to shoot Russian Moose, though I suspect it's shot other kinds of Russians last century.

Saw one of those at the Kingsport gun show for $1,200--was wishing I had the scratch.

Casey M. said...

Ruzhyo said...
5) Joshua Graham's Custom 1911 (Colt New Agent?) from Fallout: New Vegas [fictional things being impractical to want]

Aha, another fan of "A Light Shining in Darkness."

Gewehr98 said...

I haven't purchased many new guns since I retired. I do have a firearms bucket list, though.

1. .41 Magnum conversion for my small-frame .357 Desert Eagle Mk1.
2. Standard Arms Model G in .30-30, to sit in my Remington Model 8/81 collection.
3. Remington-Keene bolt rifle in .45-70.
4. Colt Officer's ACP in .38 Super.
5. De Lisles suppressed carbine in .45 ACP. One based on a 98 Mauser is ok by me, too.
6. A MLE, and CLLE Enfield to go with my NoIMkIII SMLE and No5Mk1 JC.
7. I lust after a SMLE NoIMkV trials rifle, too.
8. A Rolling Block Creedmoor in .40-65. (Which I'm actually in the process of building right now...)
9. A Taurus Circuit Judge revolving carbine with a .45-70 reamer run through the cylinder chambers to sit opposite the BFR in the same chambering.
10. The new/reincarnated Winchester Model 94 High-Grade half-mag, 24" octagon barrel with color case hardening as offered by Cabelas. Bummer about the tang safety, but by Gawd it's gorgeous!

Gewehr98 said...

Oops, forgot to add that I'm always on the lookout for a Turkish Enfield/Mauser hybrid in good condition! (Yeah, and who isn't?)

Commander_Zero said...

1) Sig P210
3) S&W Triple Lock .44 Spl.
4) CZ HET in .338 Lapua
5) Glock 18

Kristophr said...

Chas: The Communists and Fascists in Spain had State sponsors.

The Anarchists had to scrounge.

Peter said...

I looked up that rolling block and several sites said it was dimensionally the same as the .50-70

Power to the Papal!

WV: undie well yes, that's the whole point of the zombie thing, Mister Computer

Anonymous said...

In no particular order...

1. The Steyr IWS 2000 15.2x169mm

2. MG42/MG3 (Preferably both calibers)

3. Panzerfoust 3

4. The QLB-87B semi-automatic 35mm grenade launcher (Yes I know its Chines, its still cool.)

5. And a Barrett MRAD (actually, pretty much everything Barrett has to offer.)
The full list is well nigh endless and the top five vary from day to day.

Windy Wilson said...

1. M1941 Johnson rifle
2. Ohio Ordnance M1918A1 BAR (I can do without a full auto BAR unless Uncle Sugar supplies as much ammo as I can send out).
3. M1898 Krag Rifle
4. M95 Steyr Mannlicher rifle
5. Argentine Mauser
This is turning out more modest than I thought it would.