Thursday, January 19, 2012

QotD: Saddling Up Rocinante Edition

On the Tennessee legislature's resolution asking New York to go easy on Meredith Graves, Sebastian writes:
This would have about as much impact as New York asking 1950s Tennessee to go easy on the poor black fellow who happened to not understand that sitting at the wrong lunch counter was a problem.
True. However, I'll note that Tennessee eventually had some sense knocked into its laws, but I still can't wear a pistol in the front of a bus in NYC. Bunch of backwards, fearful, superstitious hicks up there.

Jim Crow laws lasted some 90 years on the books, but last year marked the centennial of New York City's oppressing poor swarthy Wops with its Sullivan Law, which shows no signs of going away anytime soon.


Boat Guy said...

I'd heard Ms. Graves was back in TN. If so, the sovereign state should protect it's citizen by refusing extradition to some third-world kleptocracy.
I'm sure Ms. Graves' liberties under the Constitution are at least equal to Steven Tyler or Howard Stern, aren't they?

rickn8or said...

"...but last year marked the centennial of New York City's oppressing poor swarthy Wops with its Sullivan Law..."

One hundred years of failure prove nothing!

Anonymous said...

It took multiple Civil Rights Acts for Tennessee to see the light and Tennessee along with the other Southern states is still under Justice Department monitoring.

It will take another Civil Rights Act to get New York City, Massachusetts and New Jersey to see the light. And I am all for Justice Department monitoring of them as well.

Shootin' Buddy

RandyGC said...

Ohh, ya gotta love this section of the resolution:

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that we remind the citizens of New York, especially those
residing in New York City, to drive carefully through the great State of Tennessee, paying extra
attention to our speed limits.


Ed Foster said...

It wasn't just to oppress the Dagoes (D'Agostino, D'Aginelli etc., like calling an Irishman a Mick).

Primarily it was to allow Tim Sullivan's poll watchers to be armed while their Republican opposite numbers were unarmed and unable to defend themselves from the truncheons and 2 by 4's swung by Tammany Hall's goon squad.

It worked so well that it was more than 20 years until a Republican was elected mayor again, and Fiorello LaGuardia had to essentially agree to the continued Democratic control of the city's spoils system in order to even get into the election loop.

Ahh, Nyawk, the land of my birth. Mordor on steroids.

Billy Joel, another NYC expat, wrote a song with the lyrics "They sent a carrier up from Norfolk, and blew the Yankees up for free, They said that Queens could stay, they blew the Bronx away, and sank Manhattan out at sea".

NotClauswitz said...

The irony is ALSO that New York asking 1950s Tennessee to go easy on the poor black fellow, occurred after a bunch of NYC carpetbaggers moved down to Tennessee in order to re-repress the South and such black men, under a system in which a one-year residence in any southern state brought voting and office-holding rights.

Tam said...

You shut up, Hillary! :D

Joseph said...


When we look at a typical piece of Manhattan real estate, another place comes to mind.

Borepatch said...


Comrade Misfit said...

Hell, you can't wear a pistol on the front of a buss in Missouri, either. It is the only prohibited area in the state's law that is a felony for carrying concealed if you have a permit. Every other one is a minor misdemeanor.

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

I am a supporter of the right to bare arms, but who would have a need to wear a pistal openly on their belt buckle. It's not the wild wild west.