Thursday, January 19, 2012

This makes me happy.

Michael Silence gave me one of the first links I ever got from Real Grown-Up Media©®™ back when he was blogging at the Knoxville newspaper's website; it made me feel inordinately happy, like I'd arrived or something.

Since then, the newspaper put him and several of his coworkers on an ice floe and gave it a shove.

But as he was so fond of saying about blogging, "They'll be back. They always come back."


Anonymous said...

Small world: my father worked for the former owner of the News-Sentinel before he was killed in an air crash (his vintage Grumman F8F was struck by lightning while he was on his way to an air show. RIP.)

Old NFO said...

Good for him!

Mikael said...

Going down those links had me find this gem about PIPA/SOPA: