Wednesday, January 11, 2012

If this had been an actual blog, there would be content after this tone.

Thankfully yesterday's drive home was far less dramatic than the drive down. Five hours and twenty minutes beats two days. Drama-free save for the latest kink in Louisville traffic: I-64 W to I-65N is now one of those "You Can't Get There From Here" things, at least not without taking a scenic detour through the streets of downtown L'ville.

I have got a positively blinding headache. Perhaps blog content will appear after it disappears.


jetfxr69 said...

We're glad you made it home safely.

DaddyBear said...

Sorry about that. They were worried that the bridge for I-64 might collapse, so they closed it. Then they closed the I-64 to I-65 exit so that people wouldn't kill themselves merging. Now you have to change over on I-265 or I-264 about 10 miles out.

Jim said...

Welcome home, with empathy. Kentuckiana is touched by the Ice Devil. One of the worst all-day drives of my life was the hundred miles between Evansville and Louisville via the iced-up old two-lanes, before I-64 was even a gleam in a paving contractor's eye.

Freiheit said...

+1 for what DaddyBear said. I live east of 264 in Louisville, its a decent town except for the freeways oh and the screaming liberal hippies.

fast richard said...

I'm stuck on I-65 just south of L'ville today. Multi-vehicle wreck. Been here two hours. No telling when they'll get us moving again.

Flashing lights, ambulances, firetrucks, haz-mat trucks. This one might make the news.

Joseph said...

The 265 bypass bridge is long overdue. Glad KY & IN got together and will make bypassing Louisville a reality.

Keads said...

Glad you made it back. I am at home from work for a variant of your ailment. Get better soon.

Anonymous said...


Have you had your eyes checked lately? The headache could be from two visual signals being too far apart to be integrated without overworking the central processor. eg: maybe one eye has an astigmatism, and the other eye doesn't, or has an opposing astigmatism.

Or it could be that you just have light-colored eyes and you used them too long without sunglasses (glare protection) and a hat (shade) on a bright day in an open-topped car.