Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Do you know what is just frickin' awesome?

If you have an M4gery with a collapsible stock and an MGI QCB upper, the whole thing can be stowed disassembled in a typical laptop bag and put together in about ten seconds flat, if you remember to store the lower with the pins pulled out.

I feel like Bond, Jane Bond.


Robert Langham said...

Or just wrap it all in a six foot burqa with a pair of sunglasses on top!

Anonymous said...

I have been eyeing those qcb uppers for a while, kinda a big buy in. How do you like it? What are the require ments barrel-wise? Do you need any special pieces/ parts for the barrels, or just shove a standard barrel in?

og said...

I cannot stop giggling at the potential names of the "bond men" (if there were bond girls for James, there have to be Bond men for Jane)

"Lucky Johnson"
"Dick Bigg"
"Mitee Wang"
"Harry Paratestes"

Tam said...

"What are the require ments barrel-wise? Do you need any special pieces/ parts for the barrels, or just shove a standard barrel in?"

That's the trickest part about them; any ol' AR barrel will work.

firefighter4884 said...

You can do the same thing with a Kel-Tec Sub 2000... :)

Just sayin..

Tam said...

"You can do the same thing with a Kel-Tec Sub 2000... :)"

But when you snap it open, all you have is a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 (and don't get me going about the SU-16...) :p

OTOH, if I were in charge of procurement for a police department that carried Glocks, all my mo'cycle officers would have Sub2k's in their saddlebags tomorrow...

Timmeehh said...

Yes, please get going about the SU-16, I've always wondered about them. Also the RFB, Oleg seams to love them!

Tam said...

Oleg's not a big fan of the SU, although I haven't heard him (nor anyone else I know who's been hands-on with one) say anything bad yet about the RFB, other than the general ergo faults it shares with all bullpups.

Atom Smasher said...

Og sez "I cannot stop giggling at the potential names of the "bond men" (if there were bond girls for James, there have to be Bond men for Jane)

"Lucky Johnson"
"Dick Bigg"
"Mitee Wang"
"Harry Paratestes""

How about the simple moniker of Miles O'Keefe? :)

Anonymous said...

Truly, you have some cool toys.


Oleg Volk said...

I was not a big fan of the SU "compact forend" which isn't rigid enough to work and can bind the op rod. I am a very big fan of the SU16E (telestock+pistol grip version). Of all the 223 rifles I have, it's the only one that doesn't bleed gas into my face when used with a sound suppressor. I would prefer a wider ejection port and windage markings for the rear sight. Other than that, it works and is now my primary 223 rifle. I would be curious to know what other issues you found with it.

RFB is a very interesting gun. It has two basic faults: heat retention (40-60 rounds with a sound suppressor make it very warm) and slow chamber checks due to the forward ejection and stubby charging handle. It's superbly balanced, reliable and compact. Ergonomics work pretty well for me. It is now my primary 308, as M14 with a can is too front heavy and I never warmed up to PTR91 ergonomics.

NotClauswitz said...

I can fit mine in the side pockets of my Callaway digital camo golf bag. That way when I run out of ammo I'll have a whole bunch of clubs to swing. And beer in the cooler-pocket!

Frank W. James said...

I figure you just beat Michael to the punch, so to speak, after reading both your blogs.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Timmeehh said...

Thanks, to Tam and Oleg for the quick reply.

WV = "geessler"

I don't know why, but it makes me think of Nazis for some reason.

Fritz : "Here come the Americans, break out the geessler!"

TheOtherLarry said...

I like! I want!


Unknown said...

Love my AR, love my SU-16C. The AR stays home when I go hunting. The SU is light, and fits in my backpack, and unlike your magic trick QCB, it can fire when folded up for travel.

Sass it all you like, it works. And I paid $550 for it. *cough*

Tam said...


Probl'y just me. I saw too many broken ones.

Out of curiosity, how many rounds in your SU's gun book?

Anonymous said...

I've got an SU-16C with over 7K rounds through it. Other than a bit of an issue with a broken extractor (first 150 rds, probably a heat treat issue) which was fixed by Kel-Tec, it has performed flawlessly. Clean every 750 rounds or so, and it is happy.

What do you dislike about the SU?

Ed Foster said...

Cool tool. Clever idea on Mac Qwinn's part. I wonder who thought up the mods for the locking cams and the steel liner the barrel extension socks into?

I'm trying to talk Ted Malkowski at Continental/Stag into buying out Mac's patents and mass producing the system. Get the price down to about a hundred bucks over a standard AR upper and it's an all around better weapon. The accuracy of that free floated barrel has been amazing.

Quick brag. The forend isn't an extrusion, it's hogged from solid heat treated 7075T6, same as the reciever, and finished to a couple of ten-thousanths in tolerance.

It's the only forend like that in the industry, and the only one that holds the same plus or minus two thousanths tolerance as the picatinny on the reciever top.

Run a precision straight edge along the top of the reciever on to the matching picatinny on the forend. If you can see the smallest bit of daylight, I'll swap it out for a new one. It is essentially one rail, so you can hang the bells and whistles anywhere along it with no lateral changes.

Did I ever send you photos of the .308Win/7.62 Nato AR we did on a standard length AR reciever?

Also, those funny double cuts on the bottom of your upper allow it to fit either an M-16 magazine or an AK type if you're using the MGI switch magwell lower.

Ed Foster said...

Also, following the link to Mack Qwinn's (MGI) site, look at the preggo VLTOR type buttstock he shows. It charges it's own batteries and has a connector to fire Claymores. For export only, one hopes.

For reference, Mack, a massively decorated former Special Forces Captain, has survived more wounds than any other man I've ever met.

I heard all kinds of stories about him through the years, so before I did business with him I had my brother, a retired officer, check his record out through the Military Officer's Association.

His comment was "Two-thirds of the guy's record is still blacked out, but what's there reads like three John Wayne movies back to back".

Plus, Chief Wilson ran on about him for three or four pages in his book. I haven't read the book yet, but did check out the parts about Mack down in Barnes & Noble.

If the Navy's most decorated SEAL admires him, I guess some of the stories I've heard are true. Seriously crusty Ol' Boy.

TD said...

That's very cool, but $900 for the upper sans barrel? Holy dammit!

Tam said...

"That's very cool, but $900 for the upper sans barrel? Holy dammit!"

That's the downside of economies of scale. Like Ed pointed out, if a big enough company churned them out on a larger scale, they could probably be done for not too much more than a C-note over your standard AR upper...

Ed foster said...

We only made 300 units, out at Mike Sadlak's place in Coventry, each put together like a Swiss watch.

For reference, Mike makes the best scope mounts and gas blocks in the world, but is predominantly a tool and die house for aerospace.

Pick a tolerance on an aircraft engine. Plus or minus .005 is for outside dimensions that don't touch anything. Plus or minus .001 (half a very fine blond hair)is typical, and plus or minus .0005 (half a thousanth) is common.

A tool and die house that makes the fixtures to hold those parts while they're being machined works to 10% of the part's tolerance. This guy works to millionths all day, having to check part temperature constantly, because the dimensional changes from heating or cooling just a few degrees are greater than the total tolerance on the part.

In one of the toughest businesses I know, Mike and his people are about the best. A brilliant craftsman and great big brass ones.

Check out his site. His stuff isn't the cheapest, but it absolutely is the best, and I've seen him in there until 3:00 in the morning getting things out for Irag and Afganistan. Nothing he can do is every enough for "his" guys in the sandbox.

Sadlak Industries and Sadlak Innovative design.

B said...

An AK with a folding (as opposed to telescoping) stock & 20-round mag (inserted) will fit in just about any bag.

It's ready to fire in less than 10 seconds, no assembly required ;)

Tam said...

"An AK with a folding (as opposed to telescoping) stock & 20-round mag (inserted) will fit in just about any bag."

Had one. Doesn't get this compact.

(And even when you get it unfolded, all you've got is an AK. ;) )

I really need to get this lower registered as an SBR...

Wolfwood said...

I guess you'd have to either REALLY like the manufacture or be someone who is going through a lot of barrels. It looks to me as though for anything fewer than three barrels it's going to be cheaper to buy full ARs, and even then you're kind-of limited to carbine-length barrels.

It's a shame; it really does seem like an innovative and useful product.

Overload in Colorado said...

I may have missed it, but how does the gas system work with this application?