Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Chicken and egg.

Certain subsets of the population seem to have a rather skewed view of who started the whole recent Starbucks thing.

Of course, it's probably no coincidence that these are the same people who get all confused about that "victim/perpetrator" terminology when a mugger gets shot.


Joel said...

Please! This is supposed to be a happy occasion. Let's not bicker and argue over who killed who.

Joanna said...

Joel FTW.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused here ... the Brady campaign folks were openly carrying in Starbucks? ;)

Paul said...

At the Citizens Police Academy last night we where discussing felony stops. In my town I think the police have a fairly sane attitude. We were discussing stopping the escaped kind of felon who had vowed never to return to prison and the correct respons is OK.

For you that do not know, a felony stop is two cruisers side by side about 40 feet behind the car in question. 4 officers are involved with 2 having long guns and 2 having pistols. If you ever have two squads behind you, do as you are told. Question later.

I would think in our locality the mugger as a victim would have less traction.

Michael said...

Ohio has concealed carry, but if you put a picture of a gun on the door with a slash on it, the building becomes non carry.

I've been tempted to make up stickers that say "criminal rights supporter" around the edge with someone getting robbed at gun point in the center and putting them on the door below the carry ban sticker.

But that's probably felony vandalism and the Feds have my prints from an SEC check.

Matt G said...

I've always admired Starbucks' big tent policy. You're money is green? Then your money is welcome.

The backlash against Starbucks (who do sell a decent product. and some that aren't so great.) seems to be that common backlash against those who are successful enough to become ubiquitous.

We will all find ourselves, at times, irritated that a large corporation won't turn to our way of thinking. But when the policy is simply to Not Engage the political discussion, one shouldn't take it personally.

Joanna said...

But that's probably felony vandalism and the Feds have my prints from an SEC check.

They're called gloves? And they're not expensive?

Anonymous said...

"...all confused about that 'victim/perpetrator' terminology..."

Heh. Just like they get all bent out of shape over the fact that there is a "gun lobby". -- Lyle