Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Rock and roll never forgets.

Why, Alex! What a coincidence! We were just talking about you...


Anonymous said...

"Those who must rule everything."

A socio-economic group thru out history, that periodically is surprised by the appearance of peasants bearing opinions, fact, torches and pitchforks -- and actually wanting to OWN THEMSELVES.

It's rare to see a first hand visitation, but delegating certain privy activities ain't near as safe as it usta be, before the beeg lay-oofs, senhor. Ya know: blabby ex-subordinates and all that.


Ruling just is losing that 'insulated from common reality' lustre, eh?

John, the Red
from the West End of Lake Erie

Anonymous said...


Oh yoo-hoo!! Say there big corporate boy. Just for you:



OA said...

Indolent sluggard.

Tam said...

Uh, John, what are you talking about?

Ed Foster said...

I am so totally confused.

Tam said...

John, Ed,

Alex would be the star of Monday night's post. The rocket surgeon who threw down in a bar in Bloomington.

Now when, oh, say, prospective future employers google his name, that newspaper article will pop up forever more.

Anonymous said...

Oh, damn --- sometimes I do wonder about mese'f.

Unhh...OK...this is a bit embarrassing, but I confused this topic with the one about:

http://twowheeledmadwoman.blogspot.com/2010/03/lilly-exec-lies-abour-guns-in-cars-bill.html --- I thot the snot-pie exec-subject of the article had showed up here on a personal cyber-investigation.

Mea culpa, with the aid of a week's worth of assorted meds & tooo many sleepless painful nights due to a abscessed tooth/jaw.

Last night was the worst, and apparently, the turning point. The Z-pack 'biotics have finally grabbed aholt of the bug and kicked it around some. I can actually chew on one side of my mouth this AM.

Good thing the germ has turned, too. I was running out my whiskey supplements for the sedatives that kept me from running out front door into an emergency room, begging for a immediate facial amputation.

The Spetnatz have it right about getting immediate interrogation results. Just shove a horseshoe rasp straight across a person's teeth and those nerve endings will hurt inescapably worse than cut meat ever does.

JohnM, & etc.

Nathan said...

Although I must say that the Julia Gorin article is very interesting, and moreover, something I need my wife to read.

Joanna said...

Is it safe?

atlharp said...

.......I like bacon.....and guns.

Seriously, after the bizarre start of this whole comment section I think we could all use some bacon.

Anonymous said...

Surreal bacon feasts.

atlharp, you have caused me to envision Salvador Dali-esque drapings of cooked slices, floating thru the InterNets and onto my keyboard.

I'm thinkin' mebbe I should upgrade to pancetta in the morning.

Whooda thot that antibiotic bug stompers, pain pills and gunblog cyberspace commentary would fling a craving on me for crispy cooked pig ?

Late evening Alt-ternative: popcorn with crispy crumbled bacon on it, not to exceed 240gr doses per handful, at less than 12 fps hand to mouth. I can save my wrists from further food-recoil damage, and pad up the fatty tissue insulation on my fried nerve sheaths, all the while.

Bacon: it's not just for breakfast anymore. It's a political statement, a ballistic foodie trend, and a neurological health discovery right out of the meat drawer.

Thank you all for the entertainment and good grin.