Saturday, July 07, 2012

Alert the Ministry of Irony.

In an interview, senior Obama adviser David Axelrod said
“Governor Romney and his campaign have stone-walled and are trying to turn the clock back 50 years on transparency and disclosure.”
When asked on what information he was basing this statement, the administration invoked executive privilege.

Tell you what, Dave, if Mitt slaps his papers down on one side of the table, what's your guy going to slap down to stay in the hand?

Yeah, thought so. You don't have a leg to stand on in the "transparency and disclosure" department, and you know it. The Obama campaign is, and always has been, to transparency what John Belushi was to sobriety.

(H/T to Rodger the Real King of France.).


JohninMd(help!?) said...

Lemme see here; it took HOW long for the Admin. to publish a (true?) copy of a birth cirtificate. It's been HOW long since oversight committee supeined HOW many docs. f/ Dept. of Injustice, vs. how many were supplied? And how redacted? In short, has this Admin. EVER told the truth about anything, other than "please re-elect us, so's we can finish de job!" That's what we're AFRAID of, Skippy! Don' know how good Mittens would be, but he'd have to watch his step w/ all de scrutiny he'd be underfrom all sides; This buncha Bozos make Dick Nixon look like a choir boy. They learned the Chicago Way real well. Capone would be proud. And Axlerod is a big part of that. (whew) Thanks, Tam. I feel better now......

Bubblehead Les. said...

And the Private Sector's doing just fine also.

Yet 25% of those Polled think this Yahoo is doing just great and deserves another 4 years.

God help us.

SiGraybeard said...

Plus - you gotta remember Obama is the guy who received an award for transparency behind closed doors.

Tommy said...

'And these are your reasons, my lord?'
'Do you think I have others?' said Lord Vetinari. 'My motives, as ever, are entirely transparent.'
Hughnon reflected that 'entirely transparent' meant either that you could see right through them or that you couldn't see them at all.
Terry Pratchett, The Truth

Seem about right... :-D

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I'd trust Vetinari before I'd trust Obama.

Joe in PNG said...

Vetinari, after all, is a (mostly) Libertarian Tyrant.

But it is kind of fun watching the old ate'->hubris->nemisis formula work on the Obama admin. In his own mind, he thinks he's still the fresh faced messiah of 2008 with the screaming crowds and all. That he's bleeding popularity like a past it's prime boy band hasn't sunk in yet.

Buzz said...

There are still plenty of morons cheering him on and sending money his way.

It amazes me that people are so blind and stupid to the irony of the "most transparent administration ever" and the fascist power grab of healthcare required congresscum "to pass it so they would know what's in it."

Brad K. said...

Does anyone else remember Obama's cheap shot at ammo? When he decreed that the military had to shred all used brass before selling?

And had to backstep, to only shred .50 cal. brass and bigger. It seems only the Chinese were interested in shredded brass. Meanwhile, not only did the civilian ammo market shriek -- they depend on the military's one-used brass to keep prices down and supplies up -- but it turns out that the move would have wrecked training budgets for every LEO department, not to mention cutting the supplies of ammo to civilians and LEOs by a bunch.

And the ammo companies didn't find out about the shredding until the Army was ready to start shipping. A week later the blackout drapes had been pulled back, the end run exposed, and the shenanigans redressed.

That is what I remember, of Obama administration transparency. That and refusing to balance the budget.

Alan J. said...

If you could bottle Chutzpah and sell it, this administration and Nancy Pelosi could pay off the national debt with just the sales tax.