Thursday, July 19, 2012


Getting ready to saddle up the Boeing and head back to Hoosieropolis.

I went into this Midnight 3-Gun thing with a primary goal of not setting myself or anyone else on fire, and a secondary goal of not coming in dead last. (When I met up with my squad on the first night, somebody asked "You mean you picked this for your first 3-gun match? That's pretty hard core.")

I met my first goal with ease, and my second one just barely.

I could offer all kinds of reasons and excuses, but the plain fact of the matter is that I just need to get better. And a shotgun. Because I've got the bug pretty bad now.


Woodman said...

Hey, you are closer to the person above you than the person below you is to you. That's a win at any placement.

3-Gun sounds like a blast, but damn that's a lot of rounds going downrange in practice. And not at Eagle Creek. Time to buy a couple acres out west of town, then a shotgun.

Mike said...

Talk about a strong field and being your first match. You did great.

The 3 gun bug is a tough one, mostly because it is so much fun. There are some really good localatches around the country hopefully you can find one near you.

Anonymous said...

I think you did great for the first time and in the dark.

You got by all the rules with out a DQ which seems to cull a fair amount of people every match.

Well Done.


og said...

hey, most people I know, their names weren't even on the LIST.

the Remmy and Mossy 3 gun shotguns are very competitively priced, I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide, if it's one of those or if you buy pieces and assemble yourself (both are as "Kit" as rugers with billions of accessories available)

fast richard said...

I don't know most of the names on those rankings. The ones I know are either very famous as shooters and rank near the top, or they are gunwriters who are experienced shooters, but don't get nearly as much practice as the pros. You're doing just fine against the latter, occasionally beating one of them on a stage.

Drang said...

Somewhere in one of these posts I was going to ask when you got a scatttergun...

ExurbanKevin said...

You've just taken the first step into a larger and significantly more expensive universe.


Although I can't promise full auto and NVG's at every 3 gun match you'll attend, you will see new and creative ways how to NOT load a shotgun.

Alien said...

The first time I shot 3-gun I proved, to both my and everyone else's satisfaction, that Dead Last permanently belongs to the guy with the M1A, and it being a SOCOM has no bearing on finishing order.

The second time I proved that one needs a few accessories on an AR to be even moderately successful, and that shotguns at speed are Not As Easy As They Look.

It wasn't until about the fifth cycle that I really had some idea what I was doing, and especially What I Should Do And Not Do.

I'll point out that each of those cycles were conducted in full daylight, and with the assistance of experienced shooters who freely offered suggestions. I suspect your recent experience included the suggestions, but the lack of daylight added at least one order of magnitude to the difficulty scale, despite CT's technology, so you shouldn't feel bad about the result.

I will warn you, however, that given the addictive nature of 3-gun, start looking for a second (or third) job; your ammo costs are about to go way up.

DarrenS said...

You're probably more interested in a semi, but it may be worth your while to head over to Vance's or Buckeye in the Columbus, OH area. They have OSHP trade-in Remington 870 12ga, extended mag, side saddle, rifle sight equipped guns for under $300. For the money, I don't think you could ask for a better starter 3 gun shotgun. I picked one up a few weeks ago, making the drive up from Cincinnati, and am very pleased with it.


JohninMd(help!) said...

Hey, ya beat Mike Bane on stage 6! Plus Frank James on a couple of others. Night vision after dark, unfamiliar weapons, totally new format...don't embrace the suck so hard, ya done ok first time outa the chute! B-)

JohninMd(help?) said...

The IMPORTANT question is...... did you have FUN? O:-)

Sport Pilot said...

I count the entire experence as a win for you.