Friday, July 27, 2012

Early lunch...

So, being a good roomie, I've been assembling a sack lunch for Bobbi in the mornings more often recently. It's one thing to throw together a PB&J and a bag of baby carrots, as that doesn't really trigger my "I'm hungry" response, but it's another thing altogether to assemble a roast beef & Emmentaler on seeded rye with a schmear of creamy horseradish and not get hungry myself.

I've been eating lunch at about 0915 hrs the last few days.


ZerCool said...

Make me a sammich, woman! ;-)

Woodman said...

BTW, catch the quote from the woman in Pendleton who can identify an "automatic" weapon by sound alone?

Apparently the police could do so as well. As if I couldn't crank out rounds as fast on my dad's SKS as this loser did with his AK up there.

Anyone going full rock 'n roll with an AK in downtown Pendleton is lucky he only killed one person and a K9, and shot two cops. Not that it matters since he saved the taxpayers some money this morning.

Second recent ex-boyfriend/husband in to decide to shoot it up in Pendleton in the last couple years.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Hey, with 100 degree heat, lunch at 9 AM sounds good!

Weer'd Beard said...

I'm the king of "Lunch all day", the wife gets grossed out, but she's a "breakfast all day" girl.

Yeah I'm the dude who raids the dinner leftovers at the breakfast table, why? BECAUSE AWESOME!

Mockingbird said...

Cold fried rattler again today.

Armed Texan said...

Well, if you are getting up at 0-dark-30 then 0915 is lunch time.

Kristophr said...

Woodman: Note one difference between this and the Aurora CO shooting ... the police went after the active shooter instead of doing the "perimeter" thing.

The active shooter shut down the second he was opposed, holed up, and shot himself.

Any immediate forceful response tends to cause active shooters to skip to the end of their self-directed script.

Mad Saint Jack said...

Time is an illusion.
Lunchtime doubly so.

-Douglas Adams

Woodman said...

"Woodman: Note one difference between this and the Aurora CO shooting ... the police went after the active shooter instead of doing the "perimeter" thing."

I don't know how it went down in Aurora, but Officer Down tends to cause a bit more direct of a response. I think Downtown Pendleton was easier to shut down than a full movie theater too.

The twitter traffic of the kids monitoring their police scanners on their iphones tells me things about the future of news media though. Not just scanner info either, eyewitness reports too. No news blackout there.

The Great and Powerful Oz said...

There is a word used to describe poorly trained people a few seconds after they pull the trigger on an automatic weapon -- disarmed.

Ritchie said...

Apparently the police at Aurora were working their way upstream, guiding the escapees and evacuating the wounded in their cruisers.

Eat when hungry
shoot when ready

Woodman said...

That's right, I remember reading that now. I'm trying to avoid reading too much about it right away so I won't have someone's half-assed idea of what might have happened buried in my psyche when I read about what really happened.

I knew there was a reason I didn't think they were doing the ass thumb tango.

I still wonder why it took nine minutes for someone to call 911.

Kristophr said...

I'm sure they weren't doing nothing ... but it is becoming more and more apparent that the route to fewest casualties is over the cooling corpse of the active shooter.

The Aurora cops did what they were trained to do, make perimeter and wait for a team to go in.

I've made a cop commenting on another blog's comments damned mad by calling this institutionalized cowardice ... but it is what it is.

Procedure has to change here.

McKown, the CCW holder at the Tacoma MAll shooting paid for his intervention by being made paraplegic ... but he did shut that murderous emo retard down merely by attempting to resist.

When someone manages to put bullets downrange on the shooter, the massacre will come to sudden halt.

About the only exception to this were the North Hollywood bank robbers, and the Texas clocktower shooter ... their internal scripts apparently included a gunfight with police.

Just my opinion here, but I still think something has to change.

Matt G said...

" assemble a roast beef & Emmentaler on seeded rye..."

And I thought I was a food snob. I would have just said "Swiss cheese."

Anonymous said...

There are so many Swiss cheeses... Emmental, Appenzell, Raclet... (the spelling, obviously, escapes me)

Speaking of Cheese snobery: Other than Maytag Blue, is a there a good Wisconsin copy of _any_ european cheese? For people so enthused about their cheesyness, I have to say I have been uniformly unimpressed with Wisconsin "copy cheeses".

Of course, Wisconsin ( in Racine) also claims to have "authentic danish Kringle" at no less than 3 bakeries. None of which produce anything even remotely resembling a authentic Danish Kringle.

Oh and may I say making lunch for the housemate is a very girly thing, I can state as I a guy who had male housemates for nigh on 20 years, that I think I recall making a housemate a pack lunch twice - and only because we were going to the same place and it was easier to "make 2 of everything".

Tam said...

"Oh and may I say making lunch for the housemate is a very girly thing..."

I won't say what worrying about the gender of making a sammich is.

Matt G said...

I've had male roommates twice, not counting the time that I lived with my dad for 9 months in college. I made lunch, dinner, and breakfast for them all the time. I also got to borrow their cars when I needed one, and got them to clear out when I needed some private time for a date. I'm not saying that it was quid pro quo, but I am saying that there's nothing inherently masculine or feminine about doing something nice for the person that you share a house or apartment with.

And yeah, I've brought a cuppa coffee and a donut into my buddy's room to get him up when I got home from a night shift. 'Cuz I was cool like that.

Douglas Hester said...

Maytag Blue is actually from Iowa, Anon.

DanH said...

I've always preferred the non-creamy horseradish, but then I like it on ham sammiches more than roast beef.