Thursday, July 05, 2012


Trying to be funny on demand here this morning. Failing miserably thus far.

Off to check; they're usually good for a laugh.


Bob said...

I have a few remnants and seconds over at my place. Not Tam-quality snark, but worth a chuckle, or at worst an eye-roll.

Brad K. said...


You know, kids today tend to forget that it was porn, that adults frolicky kind, that made the first smart phones pay enough to make it to the market place. That laid the path, so to speak, to getting computers cheap enough to use for homework.

It seems the model still runs true. The NY Times is using sex stories to sell papers and email subscriptions, even today. Date Night at the Zoo, if Rare Species Play Along. To be fair, though, this story focuses more on Cheetahs (the big cats, not the cheese puff logos), not cougars.

Dean Martin used to say, "I feel sorry for you people that don't drink. . . 'Cause when you wake up in the morning, that's as good you're gonna feel all day!". It is understandable, after getting the glitter of fireworks and independence in your eyes yesterday, to still see the world through a glare of freedom.

Blessed be.

mousestalker said...

The Episcopal Church is having its General Convention in Indy right now. They are always up to moonbattery so there may be snark material there.

John said...

Humor ain't easy.

Ask Bill Mauldin.

Pree'sent H'arms!
Orrr-derrrr Harms!!

Example: "Let Company C go in this time. They ain't been kissed yet."