Thursday, July 19, 2012

And Now the News...

Getting away from the tranquil roar of full-auto fire in the desert and back into the maddening hum of the media bubble, I hear that NYC got hammered with golf ball-sized hail. I can only presume that they were out of frogs and brimstone.

Meanwhile, apparently a guy who wouldn't know a private company if it was stuffing a campaign contribution in his pocket offered his opinions on how private businesses are built.


Anonymous said...

If one considers the source, it,'s easy to assess the value.

Ed Foster said...

A cute little e-mail I got yesterday. Part One:

Just in case you needed any further persuasion that Barack Obama’s carping about Mitt Romney’s finances is both stupid and hypocritical, Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul noted on Tuesday that Obama himself has accepted six figures’ worth of political donations from executives of Bain Capital, Mitt Romney’s old investment firm.

“President Obama has based his entire reelection campaign on a vicious, dishonest assault on Mitt Romney’s business career. The real question for President Obama is this: if Bain Capital is so bad, why have you taken nearly $120,000 in donations from them? President Obama’s actions are the height of hypocrisy,” Saul declared.

The precise total is $118,121, and Obama has been taking that Bain money ever since he ran for the Senate.

Furthermore, as noted by ABC News, “One of Obama’s top campaign financiers – Jonathan Lavine – is also managing director at Bain, bundling between $100,000 and $200,000 in contributions for the 2012 Obama Victory Fund, according to estimates released by the Obama campaign.” Humorously, Lavine is also the executive who is actually responsible for some of the decisions Obama has most stridently hammered Romney for, even though they were decisions made after Romney left the company.

The hypocrisy-soaked response from Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt is hilarious:

“Mitt Romney is the only person campaigning for president who says that during his tenure as a corporate buyout specialist his goal was job creation and that we should evaluate his qualifications for the presidency based on that record,” LaBolt told reporters on a conference call.

“As the president has made clear when he’s discussed this, the job of the President of the United States is to worry about the workers and the livelihoods of middle-class families just as much as it is to worry about profit creation,” he said.

Actually, Mr. LaBolt, the “job of the President of the United States” is neither of those things… and even so, Barack Obama is a hard-core proven failure at both of them. The whole point of the Obama campaign is that the incumbent cannot be “evaluated” based on his “qualifications,” either during his initial run for office, or his re-election campaign. Attempts at such evaluation are generally denounced as racism.


Ed Foster said...

Part Two:

But wait, there’s even more jaw-dropping hypocrisy to document! Obama has also been slamming Romney for “outsourcing,” by which he means not just the active relocation of American jobs to overseas production facilities, but merely investing in foreign companies. As recently as last Saturday, Obama complained to a Virginia audience that Romney “invested in companies that have been called pioneers of outsourcing. I don’t want a pioneer in outsourcing. I want some insourcing.”

But as the Washington Examiner reports, Barack and Michelle Obama have invested between $200,000 and $450,000 in the Vanguard 500 Index Fund, which has huge holdings in Apple, General Electric, and IBM… all of which are very much ‘pioneers in outsourcing.’

Apple moved so many jobs overseas that economist Jared Bernstein cited the company as “an example of why it’s so hard to create middle-class jobs in the U.S. now.” Who’s Jared Bernstein? Oh, he just used to be one of Obama’s economic advisers, up until last year.

General Electric, headed up by Obama’s good friend Jeffrey Immelt – hand-picked by the President to chair his council of economic advisors – was “the first U.S. company to outsource software work to India,” according to a book written by an Indian “pioneer in oursourcing.” And IBM has moved over 70 percent of its work force overseas!

I assume Ben LaBolt will show the strength of his convictions and immediately resign from the Obama campaign when he learns of these stunning revelations. I wish his successor the best of luck in making sense of the ignorant hypocrisy billowing from his candidate, as he continues his efforts to frighten Americans into voting for four more years of economic collapse and double-digit unemployment

Paul said...

The comment "You did not build it yourself" will be the single most damning thing he has said. It could very well unhinge an already shaky campaign.

Of course we need to keep in mind the O is a closer marxist and we do not want to force him from the closet.

The most dangerous human is a cornered coward.

fast richard said...

Obama has no understanding of how a private economy works. I've known plenty of Marxists. I recognize the mindset.

Every time I hear about golf ball sized hail I wonder if anyone makes a Kevlar umbrella.

fast richard said...

Answering my own question.

Kevlar umbrella

Close, but I don't need it to stop bullets. I also don't want it to cost over fourteen thousand dollars or be made by the French.

Ian Argent said...

Also, crazy in your own back yard:

Anonymous said...

The really stupid thing is, had he confined himself to something we, I believe, can all agree on is true ( though disagree on the size of it):

That government does "provide" roads, bridges, police, and useful public services ( the real ones), and that government early expenditures did provide the early internet, etc... And all those guvmint things really do make it possible for lots of people to be successful.

But the overreach of his statements and arrogance of the phrasing, and the willful ignorance that it implies is... telling.

Paul said...

I think the government providing road is a crock. Yes, the government paved roads, but not until there was demand, which did not happen until the auto was popular as a replacement for the horse and buggy.

When Henry made his car, paved road where only in the city and where mostly brick. Outside of town a large market road was maybe gravel.

If Henry had not made a sucess of the model T, we would not have the roads we enjoy today.

Panamated said...

From the moment that the 16th amendment was passed, it was only a matter of time until we would have a Government that not only thought they owned everything, but was willing to say it.

Cormac said...


Don't be too surprised to see a few people using that as a QOTD...

I won't, because I still haven't actually gotten around to, you know, blogging.
Too busy reading everybody else...?

Joseph said...

Checking the comments on the weather story ....

Yes. At least one idiot blamed the weather on global warming.

Global warming can cause heat waves, ice ages, drought, and floods.

Bram said...

That storm had some serious anger to it. I was on the road as it passed through Northwest NJ. Stopped in a tunnel until the hail passed to preserve my car.

SiGraybeard said...

Hail is no fun - seriously - but it's only a story when it happens in New York. If the same storm had rolled over Hoosieropolis or Okie City, it would have never made the news.

Anonymous said...

If I cannot be successful without the assistance of others, would it not be equally valid that I could not be a failure without the assistance of the same society? Therefore there is no individual responsibility for any outcome.