Tuesday, July 03, 2012

For those too cool to tweet...

...I saluuuute you!

Anyhow, Marko tweeted:

To which I replied:

Feel free to add more verses...


Cincinnatus said...

I'm not worthy.

Judge Hobbit said...

Trained to leave no case unplanned
Trained in trial, hand to hand
They litigate by night and day
And all are in the ABA

JohninMd(help?) said...

Aawww, Gawd, not that! Air Mobile LAWERS?!?!?! Ain't they bad enough in Courtrooms? And who's the commanding Ossifer? Gen. Matlock? (God rest his soul, Ron Howard's an orphan...)

ExurbanKevin said...

With student loans, they are a-cursed
These are men, America's worst
Never meaning what they say
Exorbitant fees, we have to pay

Frank W. James said...

ExubanKevin wins the internet...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

drjim said...

Amazing stuff, people!

Chris said...

They study hard to know the law,And learn their lines up through a straw. Yes these are the people of the american bar. Look their goes another in his foreign made car.


Henry Blowfly said...

Killing myself laughing here folks.


Anonymous said...

A young wife, she cries today
Her young lawyer has gone away
Sent to prison, he’s locked up daily
Stole clients’ money just like F Lee Bailey


AuricTech said...

I would expect this to be the TO&E-authorized weapon for airborne lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Power ties and business dress
We are the folks you all detest
One thousand suits we’ll file today
We get rich while others pay!

Home on the Range said...

Airborne lawyers? This calls for a haiku!

laws bend at my will
a priori assumption
opps, damn gravity

Drang said...

Schlock Mercenary - Partnership Collective

Anonymous said...

ambos chased from up on high,
extorting dough with lie on lie,
porsche and rolex score who is best,
it matters not whose life is messed

mostly cajun said...

Put rolex bling
Upon his wrist.
In front of the judge,
He looks real pissed.
the jury's out,
Another day.
to make him earn,
His attache'.


Noah D said...

Really, with the average bar passage rate here in IN, shouldn't it read: "teneight will earn an attache" ?

Noah D said...

What the...

Okay, one more time:

Ten undergrads will test today
Only eight will earn an attache.

Noah D said...

But I share Marko's sentiment, at least indirectly. As ti turns out, despite the whole 'albino assassin monk' thing, the Church Militant involves far less weapons handling and small unit tactics than I had hoped.

Anonymous said...

Actually the 82nd Airborne Division and the 18th Airborne Corps both have legal sections. So they really do have "para" legals. And Airborne Lawyers.

old Airborne trooper