Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oh, shut up, Bill...

Noted metrocon Bill O'Reilly goes into full-bore pearl-clutching mode over a few cases of ammo:
Congressman, let me break this to you, let me break this to you, if the FBI is alerted that somebody is buying 60,000 heavy duty rounds, they are going to check it out. Because that's what antiterrorism is. That's what they do.
God, Bill, don't be such a big girl's blouse; it's going to be hard to maintain your TeeWee tough guy image if you keep jumping up on the chair and shrieking like that.

I'll tell you what, Mr. O'Reilly: If you will pay for 60,000 rounds of ammo for me, I'll report myself to the BATFEIEIO.

"Hello, BATFE."

"Yes, this is Tamara. I just took delivery on 60,000 rounds of ammo."

"That's nice. What do you want us to do about it?"

"Nothing, really. Bill O'Reilly just thought you should know."

"Oh, okay."

"Okay, then. 'Bye, now!"
Just which team are you playing for, Bill?


kenlowder said...

The really sad thing is the guy really only had about 6000 rounds of ammo. Bill get with the facts boy. Ou hypergolic hyperbola makes you look like an idiot son. Oh wait, you are an idiot, so in your case it's truth in advertising. Imgine that!

Woodman said...

So if there was a law requiring people to register when buying an automatic AK47, is Billy saying this guy would have been stopped? With his semi-auto AR-15?

Or if he buys 60,000 rounds and is on a terrorist list he'll be on the "extra special" list?

Even if Bill gets what he says he wants, it still doesn't actually stop the crime from happening.

On an unrelated note, I gotta pay more attention at the next 1500. I've been missing out on all these machine guns up for grabs.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I've often thought Bill doth protest too much. Certainly he sounds like a liberal in conservative clothing. Which is why I never particularly cared for him and have rarely if ever watched him.

But come to think of it, I rarely watch Fox anymore at all.

Dave said...

But we already have a law like that, Woodman. You need to buy a tax stamp before taking possession of an automatic AK, under the '34 NFA.

For what it's worth, he probably would've had a lower body count with an automatic AR. The happy switch doesn't exactly help accuracy.

Laughingdog said...

First thought is "6000 rounds??? I have more than that sitting upstairs."

Then I wondered what kind of ammo is considered "heavy duty" in Billy boy's world.

Divemedic said...

Considering that the shooter had explosives and hand grenades, what would a gun law have accomplished?

Anonymous said...

If only someone knew what he was going to do and could have stopped him?

Oh, wait, the university knew and they did not do squat.

Shootin' Buddy

Woodman said...

"But we already have a law like that, Woodman. You need to buy a tax stamp before taking possession of an automatic AK, under the '34 NFA."

Kind of my point, if very badly written. I meant to make the difference between what Bill want's to stop, and what actually happened.

What if he'd gone in there with one of those .22 rifles with the nine million round banana clips? Do we have to register squirrel guns?

And if it was 6,000 rounds, which makes a ton more sense, then there is no way anyone would ever report that. Every time someone had an ammo sale the reporting servers would crash. Kind of like getting a bag of crap at woot.

Rustmeister said...

Bill's not on our team, not one little bit.

perlhaqr said...

Yeah, 6k rounds... I mean, cases of.22LR are 5,250 rounds all by their lonesome.

I mean, it's not like the stuff tends to go bad. Buy in bulk to save money. :)

Matt said...

Didn't exactly that happen to ToddG about 6 months back? I thought he got to talk to his local serve and protect crew after recieving a week's worth (for him) of ammo.

Mike in KY said...

Oh, man. Reading that transcript, gasping through O'Reilly's gun show comments, I kept hoping to run across something like this:

CHAFFETZ: (facepalm) Oh, my god, Bill. You're such an idiot. Call me back when you get a clue.

Anonymous said...

Beck schooled him on that last night and Bill huffed and puffed and looked even dumber. Not saying much, I know.


pdb said...

Calling the FBI every 60k rounds? TLG would need his own 888 hotline.

Mark Alger said...

"Girl's blouse." ::giggle::

But you know, Tam, your 1911 is a penis extension. ::snortle::

It's a Markley Thursday.


Brian J. said...

I wonder at what level an individual would have to mail-order loofahs for Bill O'Reilly to think it was abnormal.

My guess is his imagined threshold is higher than mine.

Anonymous said...

"Bill's not on our team, not one little bit."

Bill's on Bill's team. Same with Rush, Geraldo, Diane Sawyer, Rachel, Keith and all the rest of the talking heads.

It's all about them and ratings Never anything else.


Al T. said...

Just thought I'd point out that only the Hulk could carry 6K of CF rifle ammo for any distance.

Anonymous said...

This is part of the whole "sensible restrictions" and "you don't really NEED that" BS. Whether he intends it or not, O'Reilly is making the other side's argument for them.

As for "you don't really NEED that", I'd like to see people extend that to everything they own; they'd find pretty rapidly that they don't NEED 99% of it. Does that mean that it can / should be taken away from them?

Shrimp said...

What I don't get is why they think it'll accomplish a damn thing. Seriously, whether the threshold for "contact the Feds" is 6000 or 60000 is irrelevant to someone intent on murder. If the threshold is x, they'll buy less than x from several different places over a period of months. There isn't one idea that the anti-rights crowd has that would have stopped this guy. Smaller mags?--he had more than one gun and multiple mags. Would not have helped. One gun a month wouldn't have stopped this guy from doing this deed, either.

Heck, if they'd managed to outlaw firearms altogether, he'd have used something else (assuming he hadn't obtained one anyway, because we all know how well banning something works--you can't get drugs if you wanted them, right?).

If he spent fifty dollars in the grocery or hardware store and he could have killed just as many, if not more. A lot more, actually, considering that that a theater is an enclosed space with distracted viewers who may or may not notice that odd smell (in time).

Explosives. Chemicals. Gasoline. This guy could have chosen any of those and had a higher body count than guns would have allowed him.

Rob K said...

docjim505, you misunderstand. Bill O'Reilly is the other side. He is not one of us. He is a big-government elitist. His big-government elitism may run to the social and economic conservative side of the field, but he's still all about the .gov ordering us around.

staghounds said...

Brian J. wins!

I don't want this shouty, factually wrong, goalpost moving, statist, war mongering, would-be rapist on my team.

Al T. said...

Happy Land fire. One gallon of gas was used to kill 87 people.

Matt G said...

Bill O'Reilly is less irritating to me than Rush Limbaugh, but that's damning with mighty faint praise.

With friends like these, who needs enemas?


TV News sign on:

"It's ten PM , do you know where your children are?

A Friend: They are in the basement re-loading cartridges !

I got 4 boxes of .45 acp 2 boxes .30-06 from them

nice that his kids have a hobby which they enjoy they turn out a good product and they aren't getting into mischief

Woodman said...

Shrimp, stop using logic! This is emotional! THAT'S WHY WE HAVE TO SHOUT ABOUT IT!!!!!

If I'm loud enough and outrageous enough then people will get scared, and scared people want more government, which is what I want!

(Well, not what I want, but what Bill wants)

Bram said...

There is already a law against people walking around with 60,000 rounds Bill. It's called Newton's law of universal gravitation.

Kristophr said...

Bill is a New York City Republican.

They are called left-leaning Democrats in the rest of the country.

We really should sell that island back to some Native American tribe for $24. They would probably run it better than the inmates can.

hooper said...

It's things like this that remind me why I'm happy I haven't paid for cable in 15 years (and before then, it was part of the lease and not my choice). The concept of watching people shout over each other baffles me, especially when you know that nobody is going to change their mind over it.

Hooray for the interwebs.

alcade said...

They've got a poll up asking whether the sale of "heavy" weapons should be reported... I wonder if they'll start classifications in ounces and pounds or some metric tomfoolery?

paulinmordor said...

MattG, I see what you did there. LMFAO!!!

Scott said...

The truly sad thing is that Bill O's kind of conservatism is not that different from Romney's kind of conservatism. At least Romney is not a member of the MSM.

Bubblehead Les. said...

With the price of Ammo nowadays, shouldn't one call the IRS instead of the BATFE? After all, if you could afford 60,000 rounds of, let's say, 168 grain Federal Match in 7.62 Nato, well, you are OBVIOUSLY someone who is making more than $250,000 AND you OBVIOUSLY didn't make it w/o Government help, so I think the IRS is the way to go.

ToddG said...

I've had 60+ thousand rounds delivered to my home before. Once, the truck driver did in fact call the FBI hotline. They FBI sent a county detective, who left his card in my door. I called him the next day, he apologized for the inconvenience after I explained the ammo was for personal use "and I shoot a whole lot."

Simple. Quiet. No drama.

I have another 50k being delivered next week, and 65k more scheduled for later in the year.

Dear Bill O'Reily -- if the FBI knows about my ammo shipments it's because they're reading VFTP, not because ATK is sending them memos.

T.Stahl said...

When the clay shooters in our club buy ammo, they bring a trailer.

Anonymous said...

Somebody upstream here had it right; BO' is all about BO'. But while he's not a politician, the two types of talking heads are nearly interchangeable...the only thing that matters is a vote or a ratings point. Which boils down to money; always follow the money.

What is more scary is that Tam's little phone script with the BATFE agent might end in the ho-hum she suggests, but could just as easily result in scrambling the jets. I would not make that call, would you?

Also Bubblehead Les is closer to the mark as to IRS scrutiny than we might realize; there is a very active effort to identify folks who are stockpiling hard money (silver and gold coins, etc.)...ask me how I know. And as a unit of trade, ammo ain't that different.

Paranoid? No, not at...why, what'd you hear?


Ken said...

O'Reilly has dug his way down to the stratum inhabited by Michael "Talk Radio for Beavis and Butthead" Savage.

Darrell said...

O'Reilly is why I laugh when lefties accuse me of watching Fox news.

Thomas Smith said...

Imagine the harm he'd have done if he'd spent 1000 rounds on practice, or learned how to do a mag change instead of using those dippy beta c mags. My psychic powers indicate he bought 6k rounds of Chinese lacquered case 223, and barrel heating caused the lacquer to turn to tar and jam the thing up at about round 50. Since he never learned to clear a jam either, everyone was suddenly safe. Still I hate to hear dumbasses rant on.

Ed said...

I think Bill O'Reilly has a great idea. If you even think about buying ammo, call the BATFE and let them now that you are thinking and that perhaps they would want to now first before you act. What do you think will be the effect if enough people do that?

"Hello, ATF? I'm thinking of buying some shells today and shoot some skeet. Whadda ya think? Is that a great idea or what? Bill O'Reilly tells me that you want to know, or should or something. Hello? Hello?"

Crotalus said...

Tam, Bill has already proven himself to be anti-gun, so that's nothing new.

But I don't know if it's wise to call BATFEces and report that you got 60K rounds of ammo. Cute scenario, but I think that they would show an inordinate amount of interest in you if you did that. After all, these are the same knuckleheads that tried to entrap dealers with their "Fast and Furious" scam.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Talk show host Brian Wilson ripped BOR like a big dog. TWICE!

from 7/24:

from 7/25:

MaddMedic said...

Billy O'Rino?
I watched him once or twice...Not much to see or hear there I felt..
Only how many rounds?
Thats hardly enough..!!!
Why I have at least mumblemumble in .22lr and 7.62x39 alone!!

BATF = Big A$$ Total F___ups

Still waiting for my Curio and Relic license to arrive!!!

Justthisguy said...

One of the several reasons I don't carry is that I am too poor to afford enough ammo so as to exercise enough with the piece to feel like I could responsibly carry it. Owning enough ammo to exercise twice a week (maybe 400 cartridges/week?) would give ol' Bill the vapors.

Firehand said...

Medic, in case you don't know, send a copy to Midway and Brownell's and such; you get discounts on most things.