Saturday, July 14, 2012


0430 hours is a damned unnatural time for an alarum clock to go off, that's all I'm saying.

Also, the government has taken almost all of the dignity and glamor out of flying. For one thing, it doesn't matter if everybody else on the plane got all dressed up to go flying, you've already seen all their bunions and hammertoes.

For another, do you know how stupid you'd look O.J.'ing through the airport, vaulting chairs and fellow travellers, with a pair of empty blue nitrile gloves fluttering from your beltline and a bunch of TSA mall ninjas puffing along in your wake?


Peter said...

I'm glad you specified empty blue nitrile gloves. For a moment I thought you might have bagged yourself a TSA trophy . . .


Anonymous said...

Do not drink the water in Portland!

I think they must put something in it thaty make people act a bit strange.

You'll like Bend(over). High desert and only mildly west coast when I was there years ago.


Critter said...

i think i'd pay money to see you OJing in the manner you describe. :)

Kristophr said...

The water in Portland is just fine.

The looneys are mostly Caltards ( and their offspring ) that decided to leave CA after crapping in their beds there.

Matt G said...

Two kinds of OJ'ing. One involves dashing. The other involes slashing.

I suppose that it's appropriate that, since gloves are the tardis between those worlds, they would be blue.